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Anything Goes - September 5, 2014

Hellooooooo out there!!!

Mommy is still busy and hasn't gotten back to writing yet although she said she probably will real soon. I asked her if I could write to all of you since she let every other dog talk to you in the past and I admit, I was feeling a little left out because I haven't gotten the same opportunity. Luckily, she's a sucker for my big brown eyes and said OK!

Even though we haven't formally met, may I introduce myself to all of you...

My name is Winston and I am the newest addition to what has been called, "The House of Danes". We just celebrated my six month anniversary of coming to live with the two humans that I have two names for...

"Mommy and daddy" and..."Sucker 1 and sucker 2"!

So, you wanna know how my first six months have been? All I can tell you is that in my three years on this earth, I have had the best time of my life, filled with so much love and attention! These two humans are so different from the humans I used to live with. For starters, they let me live inside with them and have a funny looking flap in the wall that allows me to go in and out any time I want! The first time I saw my new sister Moosie disappear through the wall, I was so scared that the wall had eaten her! I made a decision right then and there to NOT go near the flap and wondered if all the pictures of different dogs the humans had around the house were poor dogs that went through the wall and never came back!

My suspicions were unwarranted when Moosie came back through the wall! I cautiously went near the flap and slowly pushed my nose into the flap and guess what was on the other side? THE YARD!!!! These humans are amazing, not only do they let us go out, but we can come back in ANYTIME we want! I knew immediately that this might just work out to my advantage living with these new humans...

They have huge soft cushy beds for us to sleep on and something called furniture for us to lounge on anytime we want. Mommy and daddy are afraid to sleep alone and I found out that the biggest dog bed that they sleep on allows me to get in so I can protect these two chickens every night. I don't mind, it's the least I can do for them considering what they have done for me!

I had a few problems when I got here because even though my last daddy seemed to like me, I don't think he ever heard of a word I, myself learned when I got here, something called a Veterinarian. I had to go to one for a few weeks to take care of some things that I didn't even know I needed, but sure felt better after all the visits! HOWEVER...Not too crazy about all the poking and sticking that went on. She was just lucky that I am a good natured dude. I had another new experience a few weeks after I came to my new home and that is something called a dog groomer. I was so covered in dirt that people thought I was brown, when in fact, I am black with white markings. I love the attention and being kept so nice and clean, but the manicures aren't my favorite, maybe because my nails had never been cut. Oh well, the price of beauty huh?

I have put on 30 pounds since I got here, I'm a svelte 173 pounds and because I'm such a big boy, the Vet said I wasn't fat, but told daddy to keep an eye on my weight. Lady, mind your own business is what I thought, she could stand to lose a few pounds herself! HMPH!!!

I admit, I probably gained a few of those pounds from doing some things that caused daddy to change his voice a little. Do you think his voice changed because I took a 2 pound box of doggy dental sticks out through the flap one night when mommy and daddy were sleeping? I didn't think so either! I would have gotten away with it had I been able to lift the lid of the garbage can and gotten rid of the evidence! I managed to take the box, open it without destroying it, open the inner bag and remove all the contents without making the packaging look disturbed. I thought I had hidden it in a good place but who knew he would find it on the other side of that dang "hole in the wall"???

The bad news? My tummy was a little upset and something called a pooper scooper was used a lot. The good news? My teeth are clean and tartar free for a while!

My old daddy comes over once a week with guys I used to know and play in the yard trimming trees and bushes. I used to run out and see him in the beginning and then something happened to me. I started to worry that maybe these new humans were only watching me for a while and what if I was going to have to leave soon? I decided the only thing I could do is pretend I was invisible and not go outside when he came around! Now, the only time I will go out is if my mommy or daddy come with me because guess what? Even though I have stolen a whole pizza off the stove, had a dental cleaning binge, and a few other things we won't talk about, I think these two love me a lot and are keeping me. I'm working on the counter stealing and am actually doing pretty good. It helps that as I'm walking past a counter, if I turn and look at mommy, she is ALWAYS looking right back! How does she know??? I heard daddy tell someone that all of their female Danes never took one thing off the counter and all of their male Danes did. I'm a victim of my own gender people!!!

Daddy takes me for a ride every day which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! The only time he doesn't is when he comes out of a bedroom once a week with a thing on wheels and is gone for 3 or 4 days. Where does he go??? I babysit mommy when he's gone and he always comes back. Maybe he's what they call a traveling salesman because I hear he flies around the country a lot. Hope he gets a lot of frequent flier miles!

I get along great with my new sister, but I heard mommy talking on some gadget by her ear, which makes no sense since no one else was in the room, (humans can be a little weird bless their hearts). She said something about my sister probably not being with us too long. It made mommy sad...

So sorry for this being so long, but I had a lot to share with you about my first six months here. Mommy and daddy have given me so much and shower me with love constantly. I not only love being here, but I love and trust these new humans and am not only thankful that they let me live here, I'm also grateful that my old daddy loved me enough to let me move here...

So, until next time, (although I think mommy will be monitoring my computer time from now on), this is Winston signing off...



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