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Anything Goes - May 6, 2014


I was sitting here wondering what to write about today and stared at the screen hoping something would "pop" out at me. No luck and I guess that was a good thing because if some kind of message had come across the screen to give me a message, I would have thought that either the government was doing what they do best, and that's spy on people, divine intervention, or the worst case scenario, demonic possession of my computer!

I then decided to just sit back a few minutes and write about the first thing that popped into my head and had to go with the second thing since going to the bathroom wouldn't make much of a column...

The second thing that did pop into my mind was a trait that is usually associated with women, which caused me to wonder if men have the same trait under a different term...

The term? Women's intuition, or gut feelings. In fact, would you consider those the same things?

Everyone that knows me knows that I have an uncanny ability to "know" things that are happening or will happen. No, I am not psychic, maybe a little psychotic, but I digress...

I get those same strong feelings about people when I meet them and consider those "gut feelings" about the type of person they are and even when someone else may tell me what a great person they are, if my gut tells me otherwise, I will issue them a warning to "watch out" for that person, "just in case". I don't want to brag, but I can honestly say my percentage of being right is in the high 90's, and if I'm wrong about one person, there's a good chance they are capable of deceiving a lie detector test!

My "gift", if you will, affects me differently when it has to do with someone close to me, I actually get severe stomach pains and end up running back and forth to the...never mind, let's just say I'm not running back and forth to the mall!!!

I'm so accurate that Flyboy will actually ask me certain things when he sees a certain look on my face and no, I have never asked him not to go fly, but if I did have the symptoms I do get, he would be the first one to take them seriously!

So, my question to all of you and to all the men on my "list", (so many men, so little time), I'd like to know if men get that same intuition that women get when it comes to our kids, family, etc.

I don't know if it's because when raising kids, women pay closer attention to what the kids are up to at all times and men...well...the kid can be sitting right next to them giving their brother or sister a haircut with pinking shears and they wouldn't notice until mom started screaming!!!

Sorry guys...


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