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Anything Goes - April 24, 2014


If you're anything like me, besides feeling sorry for you, you are one who makes two types of "to do" lists. One type I use is the actual written down list that has various things written down to take care of from appointments coming up for the humans or the pooches, to specific chores I want to take care of, and the list of things for Flyboy to read, nod, and forget to take care of!

Another type of list I use is the list that doesn't make the written list because it isn't an immediate project or chore that will be done soon. That list is "the mental list". This is one that you know needs to be done and just can't seem to find the ambition to tackle. One of the things in my mental list always pop into my head and always makes me grimace at it before I do whatever I can to get it OUT of my head. What chore/project is it?

The infamous master closet!!!

Every day I do the same thing. I walk in there, get what I need, stand in the center of the closet, slowly do a 360 degree slow turn, and shake my head at the amount of "stuff" that is in there. By "stuff", I don't mean things that don't fit anywhere else, I mean items that haven't had a foot, body, or any other part that wears a shoe, dress, pair of pants, etc. in years! This includes purses and various items too numerous to mention...

You know you have had items for a long time when you recognize not only the decade they were last used, but by the PRESIDENT in office the last time you put that "to die for" dress you wouldn't be caught dead in today!

It's not like I'm saving any of this stuff to give to my kids when I croak, and if they want it, I'm sure there's something they haven't told me up till now!

I've weeded out things through the years and always donate them, but even though I am not what you would call a clothes horse or a big clothes shopper, (I would rather spend money on the house), for some reason, there is never an empty space anywhere in the closet!

If I didn't know better, I would think the Tooth Fairy got her occupation mixed up and places purses in my closet, because that IS one of the only things I have a weakness for when it comes to shopping, OK, I admit, shoes kind of go with the weakness...

I was able to give away a few coats and winter things to my son's girlfriend before they moved to Idaho. She didn't own a winter coat because she has lived here in Arizona almost all of her life and never needed one. Coats take up a lot of room hanging and did that free up space? Noooooooo, the rest of the things morphed right into the space!!!

Why do we hang onto things we KNOW we will never wear or use? I wish I knew because even writing this and thinking about weeding out my purses made my hands quiver enough to cause my hands to hit the wrong keys on the keyboard


Told ya!!!

A friend of mine has kindly offered to help me clean out the closet and I already told her she could have anything I have put aside as well as things I would like her to have. I haven't decided when exactly that will be, but the two of us will go in that closet and hopefully, there will be lots of room left when we both come out of the closet...

Now, now...Go right ahead, I left myself wide open for that one!!!


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