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Are you a bargain hunter? A coupon clipper? A penny pincher? Welcome to the club. Our members include just about everybody and usually we meet on the Internet to save money.

As a fellow bargain hunter I will give you a tip on one of the best ways to get incredible deals on the Internet. Just subscribe to Deal of the Day for free. Once you do that you will be alerted to daily deals so good you will save 50, 60 sometimes even 90 percent off retail prices on some awesome merchandise.

And the best part is, if you don't like today's deal, you'll get a new one tomorrow. New products every day. Absolutely no obligation except you have to want to save money!

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LQ Alerts (Weekly)

Have you ever seen those advertisements which claim, "Our loss is your gain! Overstocked items must go at any cost!" Well, we fall into the same trap.

If a product gets discontinued or the promotion ends or maybe we just plain bought too much of it, we have to get rid of it. That's where LIQUIDATION ALERTS comes in.

We may only have 10 or we may have 100, but either way you'll get alerts when we've lowered the price on an item to WELL BELOW COST.

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DVD DEALS (Weekly)

Are you the kind of person who just has to own your favorite movies on DVD? If you're this kind of person you can stay up on all the best DVD deals with GopherCentral's cleverly titled DVD DEALS!

It's a great FREE email publication from that let's you in on the best deals on your favorite DVDs, usually for much less than you'd ever pay at the store.

We've got all kinds, from classic movies and TV to great historic and music programs. We have hundreds and hundreds of titles and every week we will highlight several of the newest and most popular that you can get at HUGE discounts!

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Get Your Freebies (Weekly)

Sometimes surfing the Internet is like panning for gold. Every now and then you come across some great promotional offer or freebie where you can get something for nothing. Let Fannie and GYF alert you to the best free offers available anywhere on the Internet. It's The Number 1 Freebies Newsletter on the Net! Just click the link below and look for GET YOUR FREEBIES.

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