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Have you ever wondered what happened to those celebrities you remember from your favorite shows and movies when you were a kid? Whatever happened to Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame? What is I Dream of Jeanie's Barbara Eden up to these days? How about Desi Arnaz, Jr.? Or maybe Rick Springfield?

Every Friday WHERE ARE THEY NOW features a different celebrity from years gone by, what they've been up to recently, then and now pictures and any juicy gossip that's worth reporting! Plus, you get to vote on who gets profiled the next week.

Do you remember Valerie Bertinelli? How about Kristy McNichol? They're all on Where Are They Now. Subscribe now to find out who'll be featured next week!

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Celebrity Death Alerts (Weekly)

Did you hear that Lisa Robin Kelly from "That 70s Show" died recently? Dr. Joyce Brothers passed away recently, too. We have had to say goodbye to some very big names. It is an important event when people who have contributed so much to the world finally pass on. Stay in the know by subscribing to's newest email service.

Say goodbye to famous entertainers, athletes, politicians and other people of note with our Celebrity Death Alerts? People want to know when important and influential individuals pass on so they can remember them, and celebrate their achievements. Subscribe for free and make sure you keep up on the very latest news.

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Celebrity Nooz (3x a week)

Those of you who are already subscribed to Celebrity Nooz know that your editor, Sarah, has been reporting the latest Hollywood gossip for over five years now. All of the daily dirt you want to know out of Tinseltown comes straight to your inbox with her unique slant on the celebs.

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Laff A Day (Mon & Thur)

Warning: ADULT MATERIAL! Twice a week Laff-a-Day delivers funny jokes and commentary that will keep you chuckling and probably blushing. Your editor TZ is like your obnoxious college drinking buddy who never knows when to shut his mouth and is always hitting on your girlfriend. But if you subscribe to Laff-a-Day TZ won't be passed out on your sofa come Sunday morning (probably).

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