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December 30, 2011

Greetings, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yes, it's me, Jamie, here with a New Year's greeting and warm wishes to all of you. I hope all of you have a wonderful 2012 filled with the very best of health, happiness, and even though so many are suffering and going through some hard times, enough smiles to help you make it through trying times...

I know many of you have been writing to me through my absence and also know all of you have wondered not only how I am, but what is/was going on with me that led up to me taking some time off...

Eh, too much to bore you with and rather than go into any of the details at this time, I thought I would answer a few of the most asked questions that I received in email...

1. Yep
2. Nope
3. I think so
4. I hope so
5. Hard to believe, but true

I hope this helps to clear up any questions you may have had. Yes, I'm still crazy and sarcastic and I'll probably share some of the things that have kept me away in time, but for now, this note isn't about any of that. This is about thanking all of you for your concern, and thanking all of you for always being a bright spot in my life every week. Heck, even to those who made it their mission in life to whine, moan and attack me over something I wrote have been missed!

I hope to get back in the swing of things and get on some kind of regular schedule to "visit" you. After all...How can I let another season of American Idol go by without my "critique"?

I did watch the much-hyped X-Factor and while I think some of the talent blew the Idol contestants out of the water, the judges behavior became the show and a diversion, and not in a good way. The two finalists, Melanie and Josh were
my favorites from the beginning and although I felt, and still feel Melanie being let go, only to be brought back was a "game", she deserved to win and has a voice that can rival ANY of the "greats". Josh's voice is the one that
will make me go out and buy anything he releases. And... WHO didn't adore little Rachael???

I personally liked the singing show "The Voice" much better, although I wish someone would tell Christine Aguillera that although we all realize she has a set of hooters that could feed a third world nation, I, for one was tired of seeing them cramped into a tiny top that made me wonder when there was going to be an explosion!!!

No, I haven't changed one bit... :-)

The family is all fine and Flyboy drew the short straw this year and had to work every holiday. Sometimes it happens, although the good news in all of that is he is now based in Phoenix and has been since May. No more commuting, (for now), as that can always change in the airline industry. But, it's looking good that he will get to stay put...

Moosie and Ginger are still the loves of our lives and although their faces have already turned gray, they are still puppies at heart and doing their best to continue to entertain and amuse us every day...

Well, I think that about does it for now. I hope all of you had a nice Holiday season and if you're anything like me, can't wait for all of it to be over since it seems like it has been going on since Halloween!

Happy New Year Everyone!