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July 19, 2011


You ever wish you could go back to high school and fix a few things; talk to that girl, go to that dance, throw that party? 'Take Me Home Tonight' is the film for you. This hysterical comedy will really bring you back in time! Be sure to check out the link to the clip below the description of 'Take Me Home Tonight'.

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'Limitless' DVD

Bradley Cooper stars in this thriller based on Alan Glynn's novel The Dark Fields, and supporting actors include Abbie Cornish and Robert De Niro. Eddie Morra (Cooper), blocked on the novel he's received an advance for, lives in a dump, and his girlfriend (Cornish) has left him. He begins taking a drug called NZT that permits people to use 100 percent of their brainpower, and this enables him to finish writing the book, win back his girlfriend and make a fortune trading stocks. He gets involved with gangsters and a tycoon (De Niro), and he must deal with the side effects of NZT.

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'Potiche' DVD

Catherine Deneuve stars in this lighthearted French film written and directed by Fran�ois Ozon. A potiche is a woman living in the shadow of her husband who doesn't seem to have her own identity. The movie is set in northern France in 1977, and at the beginning Suzanne (Deneuve) is a potiche. Her tyrannical husband runs an umbrella factory with an iron fist until he alienates the workers so completely that they revolt. That's when Suzanne has to step in and take over managing the business, which she does with surprising competence. G�rard Depardieu plays an important supporting role in the movie.

'Take Me Home Tonight' DVD

Topher Grace stars in this nostalgic comedy about young adults in the 1980s who are anxious about their futures, even as they attend a rowdy Labor Day party. Matt (Grace) has graduated MIT, but is home in Southern California working at a video store when he encounters his dream girl (Theresa Palmer), who's interning at Drexel Burnham. Also, Matt and his chubby pal Barry (Dan Fogler) take a fancy car from the dealership where Barry got fired, and it happens to have a stash of cocaine in it. Meanwhile, Matt's sister
(Anna Faris) is afraid to open a letter she got regarding her application to study at Cambridge.

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