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March 25, 2011


Elizabeth Taylor died on Wednesday from Congestive heart failure. She
was 79. I don't know about any of you, but hearing of her death, a
genuine sadness came over me. Sure, I have felt bad in the past at
hearing news of different celebrities that had passed, but hearing
this news had a slightly different effect on me...

Elizabeth Taylor is the last of the true Hollywood beauties. Younger
people may say that Angelina Jolie is gorgeous and she is, but none of
today's stars have the intense beauty that Taylor, Lamarr, Hayworth,
Russell, Monroe and a few others others had. Closest I can think of is
Catherine Zeta Jones, maybe because she doesn't think you need to look
like a skeleton to be beautiful...

Taylor was as famous for her personal life as her on-screen life. She
was the subject of many a columns about her marriages, illnesses, and
weight gain during the years. Lucky for her those years weren't quite
like today's age of instant news and 24/7 coverage by frenzied fans and

She was known for her sassy behavior and salty vocabulary to those who
were close to her and considered a true blue friend to those lucky
enough to be in that position...

She was instrumental in bringing AIDS awareness to the public after
her friend Rock Hudson died from the disease. She worked until the
end to raise money to help those who suffer from it...

All that aside, she was a good actress and won two Academy Awards, but
I will forever remember her as the stunning Cleopatra, the beauty with
the violet eyes...

R.I.P. Elizabeth, you will be remembered and missed...

Many of you that have been with me for years and years remember I wrote
the Looking Good column for almost ten years. It was my job to give my
beautiful readers tips and tricks to help them feel and look their best...

Occasionally I would give my opinion on a product that our site was
featuring and much to the chagrin of "the powers that be", my opinions
sometimes didn't coincide with their critique of a certain product. I
know that shocks and surprises you...

I once gave my opinion on a cream that was featured because it was
something I, myself fell in love with and used daily. The cream was
made with Grape Seed and I continued to use it until supplies were
depleted and for one reason or another, couldn't be re-ordered. I
bought many creams with Grape Seed afterwards hoping I would be able
to find the same type and had no luck. What I loved about this cream
was the lightweight consistency of it and although I certainly couldn't
claim this cream was a "miracle cream" that was shaving years off of
my face, I did like the way it felt and the way my skin looked while
using it...

Many of my readers agreed and shared in my frustration at not being able
to find anything quite like it. Well...For those who still remember how
great this cream was/is and for those who may be looking for a wonderful
lightweight anti-aging cream, after five long years, the Grape Seed cream
has been found, and is back!!!

Men as well as women love and use it and doesn't leave your skin feeling
like it's been soaked in Crisco!

High end Grape Seed creams sell for up to $29.99, we used to sell it for
$9.99 and the best part about waiting this long? It's now available for
$7.99 and $11.98 if you purchase two jars!

And...Just because I'm in the mood to share one of my all-time favorite
Looking Good tips, this cream is great to mix with a little foundation to
make a nice tinted moisturizer. Just put a little in the palm of your hand,
add a drop or two of foundation, (depending on how deep you want the tint),
and apply it to your face for a moisturizing glow...Keep in mind, a little
goes a long way when mixing it in the palm of your hand...

Heres the link to check it out, and although it's called the "face-lift in
a jar", I wouldn't go that far, if it works like that, I'd be using it on
my boobs...

It was kinda nice to have a "Looking Good moment". I had a lot of great
memories doing that column and "met" a lot of great people and believe
it or not, had a lot of devilishly fun moments with the hate mail...

How can a beauty column generate hate mail you may ask? All I can say is...

'Tis a gift...

Have a great weekend everyone!