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March 23, 2011


Many of you may remember a movie years ago with Marilyn Monroe and
Tom Ewell called "The Seven Year Itch". The premise of the movie is
about a man, married for seven years fantasizing about Marilyn Monroe...

It was thought that when a couple has been married for seven years,
a restlessness starts to take place with the husband or wife, years
ago, mostly the husband. Even if the couple stayed married for years,
this "lull" in the marriage was called the seven year itch and it
caused quite a few couples to give in and "scratch" the itch...

A new study still confirms the lull and problem time in a marriage
that can result in infidelity or divorce, but has reduced the itch
time from seven years to 3 1/2...

I don't doubt it given the high rate of divorce, but 3 1/2 years seems
not only sad, but unfortunately, understandable. We are a society of
disposable "everything",including partners...

Whether or not things work, a new "improved" model is always available
within a few years, which can create a feeding frenzy in the stores and
create a heap of perfectly good "older" models that are no longer considered
good enough to use anymore...

Humans have taken on the same mindset when it comes to each other. The same
frenzy created in the media about the "perfect" partner creates an early
boredom or discontent with the one they are with. There is someone out there
that won't argue as much, looks better, enjoys their company, yada, yada,

The real world tells us something else...

The "new and improved" partner will be wonderful in the beginning and then
have their own "itch" to scratch when they realize they can do better and
the cycle continues to the point that marriage is disposable and easily
replaced. However...

As with some of the products on the market today, many would argue that
the older, simpler products not only were better, but lasted much longer.
New shoes may be stylish, older shoes are more comfortable and sometimes
you just have to give them time to adjust...

I believe in marriage, but I also believe in divorce and don't believe two
people should stay together if they are absolutely miserable with each
other or for reasons that make that marriage unable to survive, but 3 1/2

Nah, marriage is hard work and anyone that believes it is or HAS to be
50-50 is unrealistic and unwilling to bend, which is also what marriage
is about. Are people too lazy to work on issues or too easily bored in
this high tech, fast-paced society?

I guess the older I get the more I appreciate "the good old days"...

At least you didn't have to replace high priced appliances in 5-7 years!