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March 11, 2011


It's been in the mid to upper 80's this week and aside from being
gorgeous outside, allergy season is in full force. Dust is flying and
all the trees and shrubs are starting to bloom. I never had allergies
until I moved to Arizona and have been suffering for the past few
weeks no matter what I take...

Ginger also has allergies and had to go to the Vet for two things.
She is allergic to her new collar and came down with Conjuctivitis.
Her poor eyes are swollen and red. Luckily, she is very good at
allowing me to put the ointment in her eyes four times a day. I'm
supposed to apply warm compresses to them a few times a day, but she
isn't too keen on that and I can do it once, maybe twice a day if I'm

At least I cover my mouth when I sneeze! I have to find a way to teach
Moosie and Ginger to use those massive paws over their mouths to prevent
the shower that occurs when they sneeze!

Well, American Idol is in full force now and after watching this week's
show, I wondered if anyone else had some of the same thoughts as I did/do
about it so far...

The talent is definitely there this season, although I think a few that
made it through shouldn't have and a few good ones didn't make it, but
that happens every season, so that hasn't changed. When the season started,
if you remember, I said...Simon who? I liked the new judges and still do,


I found myself saying, "Where are you Simon"? after this weeks competition
for a few reasons. While Simon may have been, at times, a little over
the top in mean-spiritedness, he knew his stuff and didn't have a problem
giving praise when warranted and slam them when their performances were
less than stellar. I think the judges are bending over backwards to be
nice and as a result, causing me to think I need an ear appointment to
have my hearing checked after listening to some of the performances. There
may no need to be as mean or hostile as Simon, but geez, be HONEST and
let these kids know they were out of tune or basically sucked to help them
improve and not get a false sense of grandios. If they can't handle the
criticism now, they won't make it in the business should they proceed...

Praise was heaped on Ashthon Jones, Paul McDonald, and Jacob Lusk and
Naima Adedapo. Jacob and Naima always get mega-praise no matter how
they sing and I guess I may not like either one of their styles, but
sing the dang song Jacob and stop adding run upon run to it to make everyone
think you're better than you are. Paul's performance was a mess as was
Ashthon's. Having said this, I DO think Naima has the "it" factor and
can still make it in the business no matter what happens...

Lauren didn't take well to the judges comments and made faces while they
judged her. She's not used to anyone saying anything negative to her and
couldn't flirt her way out of it for a change. She can sing, no doubt,
but she bugs me as I see her as a manipulator...

Scott has a beautiful pitch perfect voice and win or lose, (he won't win),
he will definitely be heard from on the Country circuit...

Karen didn't do well as "Selene" and I wouldn't be surprised if she's
gone by the time you read this...

Thia does have the voice of an angel and at 16 years old, will only
get better and better, but she won't last too long...

Haley did better than the judge's critique in my opinion. Her voice is
good and it makes me wonder if they are setting her up to be one of the
early "disposable ones" to keep their favorites alive...

Casey was very good as usual and reminds me of a Taylor Hicks kind of
guy. Quirky, funny, and when push comes to shove...can really sing...

But for me, the night belonged to Pia Toscano and James Durbin and in
fact, I see these two as the two in the finale. Pia is not only beautiful,
but has the best voice in the whole competition. James reminds me of
Adam Lambert and although in my heart, he can't replace Lambert and isn't
quite as good, he shows versatality and is an entertainer. Last season
was so horrendous that I have blocked it out of my mind although I do
remember a male won and feel a female will win this year, namely Pia...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's the voting public that decides...

I'll never believe that after watching it for years...

Have a great weekend everyone!