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March 9, 2011


Flypup left Sunday night and as usual, we had a great visit. The only
thing that would have made it better was if Dizzy had been able to join
us. I've been wanting to go to Chicago to see my mom, sister and son,
but the one thing that has been keeping me doesn't seem to want to let
up, namely....WINTER! It's really hard to leave 80 degree weather after
watching the weather on the news that sends a chill right through the
TV screen directly to my body. Hopefully, Spring will appear in the Midwest
soon so I can go without having to dress like Nanuk of the North...

The other thing that has been on the TV screen no matter which channel you
seem to flip through is the major meltdown of Charlie Sheen, star of the
mega-hit Two and a Half Men. I admit, when this first became news, it was
hard not to laugh at his crazy behavior and rants during interviews. The
laughs disappeared pretty quick when his children were taken away and his
crazy behavior intensified. Even those of us without any medical training
could see this man is in deep trouble and instead of giving him a platform
for it, the television cameras needed to be turned off and someone, anyone,
close to him needed, or needs to intervene. I realize this has been good
for ratings, but I would be surprised if Charlie Sheen is still alive in
the near future if he doesn't get help. This is the "compassionate human
being" speaking...


How many train wreck celebrities have we "witnessed" through the media for
various acts of bad behavior, and illegal behavior with them coming out
of it with a slap on the wrist, or smelling like a rose in the eyes of
their adoring public? ENOUGH!!!

If it was you or I doing what Charlie, Lindsey, Paris, (no last names are
needed are they?) pulling HALF of the stunts these people have pulled, or
if it was one of our children making one mistake, we'd all be looking at
serious jail time because not many of us commoners could afford the high
priced attorneys that these criminals can afford. Yes, I'm calling them
criminals. Charlie admitted on national TV of doing mind boggling amounts
of cocaine, which last time I looked, was an illegal substance...

The Rehab that celebrities rush into is to keep their butts out of jail,
not to get help, which would possibly allow me to have a little compassion,
IF, they truly acknowledged their need for help and that isn't done in
front of the cameras, it is a soul-searching process that comes from
within. Most of us know at least one person with a substance abuse problem,
or one in the past and it's not a joke, nor is it something that can be
handled with jokes, money, or media intrusion. Substance abuse harms not
only the addict, but those around them and I'm sick of celebrities taking
advantage of the public and the money the public spend on them to keep
them famous, knowing they will be "forgiven" time and time again while
their wallets get fatter and fatter!

I believe in giving people chances, but I also believe in knowing when to
cut your losses on someone who doesn't really want help and manipulate
their addictions to get sympathy and in these cases, money, via movies,
TV shows, books, (because there will always be a book about their struggles)...

Train wrecks are hard to turn away from, I'm guilty of it myself, but I find
myself getting more and more tired of the hypocrisy of it all and I don't
like being played for a fool, which is really what the millions of fans
of these losers need to accept and react the only way we can...

Boycott the people with the bad behaviors. Athletes are included in this,
but that's a whole column in itself, and politicians? We can use the power
of the vote, and we should, by not falling for their tearful press conferences...