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February 28, 2011


I'd like to wish my "baby", Dizzy, a very Happy 29th Birthday today! No
matter how old he becomes, he will always be my baby! I sure do miss him
since he moved back to Chicago in July and I still have to sometimes remind
myself he isn't here and won't be walking through the door. Believe it or not,
this will be the first birthday we won't be together for and I guess I'm
lucky to have had the previous 28 together! Happy birthday to my baby!!!

Any sad feelings I may have will disappear on Tuesday when my oldest,
Flypup arrives for a week! He decided to spend his week of vacation
in Phoenix for one of two reasons, he either misses me, or he misses
home cooking. I don't care which one it is, I'm just happy he will be
here to spend some time with me...

Our visit with Flyboy's brother, wife and daughter was very nice. We had
a great time and each visit the brothers get to know each other more and
more since being reunited two years ago after being separated when they
were very young. The similarities between them are uncanny and the bond
they have formed is quite heartwarming to witness...

They were more than a little shocked at the size of Moosie and Ginger.
Like most people, seeing pictures of a Great Dane is nothing compared
to seeing one up close and personal. The other thing that shocks most
people is the gentleness of such large dogs and of course, the non-stop
antics of them. My niece fell in love with them and announced that she
wanted a Great Dane. Of course, her parents weren't too keen on the idea
and although she is only 14, I think they would have rather promised her
a car over a Great Dane, (or two)...

Moosie and Ginger were on their best behavior, (which is what sucks people
in), hahaha

I was supposed to go to Vegas on Friday to see my sister. She's there for
a few days on business and we had tentative plans to see each other if I
felt OK. Unfortunately, I realized I'm still nowhere back to normal and
after getting the house ready for company and entertaining, I wasn't able
to go, which for those who know me, know I must still be sick!

Oh well...