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February 18, 2011


I read an interesting article the other day about the domestic habits of
women today vs their mothers and grandmothers...

While more women today are in the workforce and earning more money,
according to a study, only 51 percent of today's women knew how to cook
a roast while 82 percent of baby boomer females thought it was a cinch...

Women today are much busier than the women of "yesteryear" and don't
feel the need to use their precious time preparing things that can be
easily made or picked up "to go"...

Because we tend to now live in a throwaway society, mending has been
replaced by replacing an item rather than fixing it or paying to have
it fixed at the local dry cleaners. Time seems to be the thing that
sets the tone, and the "skills" that their moms and grandmothers had/have
aren't important to those who juggle jobs, families and a busy lifestyle...

I don't know how you feel about this, but I can certainly understand how busy
today's women are, but I also feel that a few things have been compromised
because of it...

So many kids are growing up without really knowing what a family dinner
outside of a holiday meal is. Spending time around a dinner table was a
way to discuss what was going on with everyone and talk about any and
everything when I was growing up. With everyone so busy and more kids
left to fend for themselves because of working parents, this is one of
the things that isn't "better"...

Home cooked meals also cut down on the amount of eating out or fast food
pick-ups to the point it was a real treat to have food outside of the
home on the rare occasions it happened. Would today's kids feel sorry
for us?

Doubt it, considering childhood obesity wasn't as rampant as it is now and
I would bet the farm that today's kids might actually like having a home
cooked meal and spend some time around a dinner table talking to each other...

I'm not saying this to make anyone feel guilty, it is what it is, and a sign
of the times, just another reason why I think the "good old days" beat out
the new, "improved" days hands down...

Women today who can afford it, have beautiful, modern, high tech kitchens
that rival any magazine cover and yet seem to use it as a status symbol
instead of a family necessity...

I worked for years when my boys were younger and like many today, did
sometimes have to settle for "quick and easy". That being said, it still
wasn't an everyday thing and my boys still remember the home cooking they
got and still get when they visit. Those memories can't be replaced and
favored over a kid who has no idea what a pot roast is or tastes like...

The women of today do have one thing over their "older" predacessors...

They take out the trash, mow the lawn and wash their own cars without blinking
an eye...

So what do you think, much ado about nothing or just another thing to look
back on and wish it was more like the "old days", even for only a few

I'll be doing some "power cooking" this weekend. Flyboy's brother, wife and
daughter are coming in from California for a few days. This is the first
time they are coming to our house because unfortunatley, I have had to
cancel a few times because of illness...

Flyboy's brother is turning the big 5-0 next week and we will be celebrating
it together. We always have such a good time when we get together and I'm
so, so happy the two brothers were able to find each other after so many
years apart...

I'm still not 100%, but if I wait for that to happen, I'll miss out on
too much fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!