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OH Yeah...Well, Take THAT Martha Stewart

February 16, 2011


Wal-Mart has been taking some heat for announvcing that they will start
carrying a line of Makeup for "Tweens", girls between the ages of 10 and 12.
There was quite an outcry from parents admonishing Wal-Mart for marketing
a "grown-up" product to impressionable girls...

When I first heard about it, my first reaction was also to bash Wal-Mart,
but luckily, the brain cells that are in charge of logic and reasoning
took over...

If there is any bashing that should be done, the ones that should be
taking the heat are the parents that have forgotten that they are parents
and not their child's best buddy...

So Wal-Mart is going to sell make-up for kids that have no business
doing everything they can to look like mini Barbie dolls...or worse.
Isn't it a parent's responsibility to do whatever they can to educate
and say a word that this generation never seems to hear...


Of course, "Because I said so," "As long as you are living under my
roof", and anything else that used to drive a point through thick skulls
can still work IF these parents would take the time to use them and not
give in because it's much easier than hearing the kid whine. I'll give
you this, whining is something these younguns have gotten down pat...

Why on Earth would you want your little girl to either look years older
than she is or look like a street walker? Isn't it our job as a parent
to protect our kids and not "pimp" them out?

Parents parading their 3 and 4 year-old girls in pageants that are a
Pedophiles dream. Girls dressing in clothes beyond their years and
fooling some unsuspecting teenage boy who gets charged with statutory
rape because "little Missy" not only told him she was 17, but looked
and dressed like she was...

Uh...Where were her parents when she got ready and left the house???

If it sounds like I'm taking the side of males right now it's because I
am. While boys and men may be pigs who, as OUR parents taught us, "only
want one thing", The worm has turned and they are incapable of seeing
or fending off the new generation of manipulative, sex crazed females...

No offense guys, females ARE smarter when it comes to getting what they

One only has to take a look at the pictures being plastered all over
the Internet social sites and see the pictures being posted by young
girls. Not too many guys doing this, it's usually the young teen girls
taking their own pictures and posting them. For what reason, You tell me!
Their reasons and the possible consequences could be different when and
if the wrong people see them. There is no privacy on the Internet...

Does this mean the parents of boys have been better parents and taught
their sons the difference between appropriate and inappropriate? Probably
not, but these girls that think everyone is looking at them half-dressed
adoringly might be surprised to hear what is really being said...

If done right, raising kids is THE single hardest job on the planet. How
many times did our kids say, "I hate you" when we didn't let them get their
way? If they say it, you're doing a good job and there's a good chance that
the "I love you's" will far outweight the I hate you's when they get older
and there are many more years of the I love you's than the handful of years
it takes to get them to adulthood...

That's when you get to be your kid's best friend, not before...