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January 19, 2011


The former phenomenon, last year's painful disappointment, and this
year's unknown is back. American Idol begins again on a new night with
two new judges who replace three judges. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez
will be replacing Ellen DeGeneres, Kara Dioguardi, and of course, Simon
Cowell and joining the only original judge, Randy Jackson to see if they
can rebound from last year's horrendous season...

I was so disappointed last year that I pondered not watching it this
year. I didn't feel, and still am not sure if the show will be the
same without Simon, but given his obvious lack of interest in the
show last year, I waited with everyone else to see who the new judges
would be...

When Steven Tyler was named, I had mixed feelings, not that he isn't
qualified after being in the music business for 100 years. I'm a fan of
Tyler and his band Aerosmith and just wonder if he can stay out of ahem...
"Trouble" during the season...

When Jennifer Lopez was named, I wrinkled my nose and hoped it was a
mistake because I'm not a fan of hers although I give her kudos for
the times she has appeared on the show as a mentor to the "kids". I
think she is a smarter business woman than a good singer, but hey,
I'll give her a chance and try to keep my personal feelings about her

I've always liked Randy, but wonder if he will try too hard to be
a little more like Simon which would be a mistake. There was only ONE
Simon, just like there was only one Paula, goofiness and all...

This show has given quite a few singers a golden opportunity and you
can hear many of them on the radio at any given moment. I've purchased
many of the CD's from not only the winners, but runner-ups who I thought
were fantastic. Last season is the first season I couldn't wait to have
end and erase from my memory...

So I ask...If you have always looked forward to American Idol, will you
be watching it this season, if not for anything else, just to see the
new format and new judges, or will you take your cue from Simon and
leave it for good?

One thing is probably certain, we will have to go a few weeks watching
every lunatic that thinks they can sing and drama queens and kings that
have meltdowns every 15 minutes before we get to the real competition...

I admit, I think this is going to be a good year, and actually looking
forward to it...

THIS is American Idol...