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January 3, 2011
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Good Morning,

In this issue, I bring to you a really cool video that rates
all the gaudy gaming peripherals from the past that fell flat
with consumers. What is really neat about this video is that
you can see where a lot of today's successful game gadgets
may have started, which gives it a certain relevance.

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New U.S. drone 'can see everything'

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Air Force is developing a new drone
aircraft can "see everything" using nine cameras that can
send up to 65 different images, military officials said.
Maj. Gen. James Poss, the Air Force's assistant deputy chief
of staff for intelligence, told The Washington Post the new
Gorgon Stare craft has been in the works for a year and a
half and should be ready to deploy in Afghanistan within 2
months. "Gorgon Stare will be looking at a whole city, so
there will be no way for the adversary to know what we're
looking at, and we can see everything," Poss said. The
craft's name came from a mythical Greek creature with
unblinking eyes. The new remote controlled drones will not
carry weapons, Poss said. The units weigh 1,100 pounds and
each cost $17.5 million. Current Predator and Reaper drones
only have one lens to capture video, the report said. Mean-
while, Poss said despite the leap in technology, it couldn't
replace "good, solid human intelligence, because even
watching an entire city means nothing unless you can put
context to it."

Worst Game Gadgets

Your super-geek gaming experts, Stuttering Craig and Handsome
Tom, review the the top, or bottom rather, worst game periph-
erals ever including R.O.B., the Robotic Operating Buddy, the
Power Glove and the Laser Scope.

Farmer harbors a rare miniture cow

An extraordinary New Year's Eve newborn brought joy to a
northern Colorado family when Chris and Pam Jessen welcomed
a rare panda cow to their farm. The panda cow --an uncommon
cross-breed -- was worked on for 44 years by Richard Gradwohl,
a Covington, Wash., farmer who used eight different miniature
cows to create the new breed. His work brought about Ben, who
is the latest addition to the Jessen's Campion, Colo., farm
which houses other miniature cattle and a miniature kangaroo.
Ben is one of only 25 panda cows in the world, which are
typically kept as pets or show animals. "Miniatures range
from about 44 inches tall on their tail side, on their hocks,
but he can get up to 1000 pounds though -- so a pretty good-
sized animal," Chris Jessen told "Good Morning America."
Miniature cattle are valued at approximately $25,000, and
the Jessens say they do plan to eventually sell Ben.

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