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------------------------------------------------------------ To ensure that you continue to receive Anything Goes e-mails, please add to your e-mail address book. ------------------------------------------------------------ Travel Ready 37 pc First Aid Kit - Perfect For On The Go! December 31, 2010 Greetings... No, it's not your imagination. It's me... I had every intention of getting my columns out this week, but was unable since it's hard to type a column when you're sleeping most of the day... This Pneumonia is really knocking me on my (insert appropriate body part here). The mega doses of antibiotics are slowly working, but causing tummy problems and as most women will understand, a consequence of taking antibiotics... I had a CT scan the other day to determine the extent of the Pneumonia and a few other things. Unfortunately, the severe cough I had the first week pulled a chest muscle and cracked my left rib... Ain't life grand??? Anyhoo, the other unique news is our weather. It has been colder during the day than any time I can remember. In fact, it was warmer in Chicago yesterday than in Phoenix. It rained for two days and the wind was blowing and howling like crazy. I walked over to the patio door to look at all the Hummingbirds feeding ferociously because of the weather and my mouth dropped open as SNOW started falling!!! I called Flyboy to come see the snow and he, of course, thought I was delirious from another fever until he saw it with his own eyes. It wasn't just flurries, it was huge snow squall flakes falling with purpose... Even though we both grew up with plenty of snow around us during the Winter, we both ran outside like we had never seen it and grabbed our cameras to see if we could catch video of the falling flakes. Mossie and Ginger followed and although Ginger was a little perplexed by the cold, white stuff falling on her head, Moosie decided immediately that she LOVED this new experience and started running and jumping all over the place as the flakes hit her in the face, nose, head, and body. I'm kicking myself for not getting video of that show, but in all honesty, Flyboy and I were acting like idiots who just discovered the Fountain of Youth! The mountains behind my house look so pretty with the tops dusted with snow... I will say this though. I wouldn't suggest anyone with Pneumonia go out in the freezing wind/rain/snow. I would have grounded myself if I had been my own kid! Well, I've just about reached my "upright position" time limit, but didn't want to leave 2010 without wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! I hope you and your families enjoy a healthy, happy new year filled with sunshine and smiles... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :-) Jamie

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