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December 21, 2010


I realize this is going out late. I don't know how many words I'll
be able to type before I run out of steam. I came down with a "bug"
on Monday that seemed like an ordinary cold. I can't say I'm surprised
I caught one since it seems like every person I ran into the past week
coughed, or sneezed on me in line at stores, post offices, and anywhere
else I went...

I got progressively worse and when I had a fever and was up all night, I
decided I better get checked out. I got checked out alright. I have
pneumonia in one lung...

A breathing treatment, a shot in the hip, a few prescriptions, and a
Partridge in a Pear tree should get me upright within a few days. It
appears no one will be home this week or next. Kids are spread out all
over the place this Christmas and Flyboy has a schedule that would make
Scrooge proud. He has to be gone both Christmas Eve, Christmas, plus two
days, New Year's plus three days and a whopping total of three days off in
that two week span, so planning anything wouldn't have worked out had we

People wonder why we are a "spur of the moment" kind of couple! For the
most part, his schedule usually isn't this bad and I think it may have
to do with the all important seniority issue that rules a pilot (and
his family's) life...

Today is my oldest son Flypup's 32nd birthday. Sometimes's it's so
hard to believe your kids are getting older until you look in the
mirror and prove it!

By now most of you are either finished with your shopping or running
around doing last minute shopping. I had a few things I had planned
to do today and tomorrow and since going to the doctor wasn't on the
original list, the rest will not get done as planned...

I guess it's also a good thing that I can't stand the sight of food
right now. The dozens of cookies I baked are safe...

for now...