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------------------------------------------------------------ To ensure that you continue to receive Anything Goes e-mails, please add to your e-mail address book. ------------------------------------------------------------ It's the best way to make using your laptop more comfortable. December 17, 2010 Greetings... Today, a few "follow-up" items... First on the list...The case of the "suspicious Fed-Ex Driver"... The Phoenix base manager did call me and first apologized. What did he apologize for? He was sorry I felt uncomfortable with the driver. I thanked him, but didn't fall into the "that's OK" mode which is what I think he wanted... Although he had a written report of the incident, he wanted me to tell him the whole story which I did, step by step as I explained to all of you... When I got to the part of the driver rambling and talking about home invasions and his two-year-old daughter being at home when it happened, he decided to jump in... He told me that the driver had, in fact, had a home robbery that morning and tried to call off work, but was ordered to report because of a lack of back-up drivers that day... I expressed my sympathy for his experience, but again, didn't let him off the hook as to the whole experience from the time he pulled up to my driveway... I told him I was cynical by nature and wondered if anyone had any proof that he had a home invasion incident. The answer was no and while that in itself isn't proof it was a lie, I went on to ask various questions regarding Fed-Ex procedure and the lack of "normal" in this particular delivery... He "tried" to defend each thing and I countered with my own argument which more times left him saying, "I guess you may be right in feeling that way"... UH-HUH...You bet your sweet bippy I'm right for feeling the way I did when he came to the door and after he left... He told me this driver has worked during the Christmas season for several years and isn't new, but not my regular driver, (which I already knew-DUH!) He got quiet when I told him I did call the local police station to tell them my story and have them check on home invasions in the area to see if there was a common bond of receiving packages relatively recent to the time their home was robbed... He told me I probably didn't need to do that, but understood why I did. I realize the last thing any company wants is an incident where there may be issues requiring police. He asked me to give the detective his number in case they wanted to talk to him, (so he could tell the detective I was a lunatic housewife no doubt). I agreed and that was that... The detective did call me and after I told her my story, she told me I was definitely right in feeling things didn't seem quite right and thanked me for suggesting that she look up home invasions and see if there might be a link. She felt my home could have very well been "cased" by this guy, and even if it isn't the case, "something" didn't seem right. I gave her the base managers name and phone number in case she needed it and that was that. She thanked me and told me she was going to check it all out... Oh yeah, one more thing, she agreed that if he had any plans for this house, my gut feeling and making calls regarding it probably took my house off the "list" and if that didn't do it, a pair of Great Danes defintiely did! I don't feel guilty about reporting this given the fact that people commit crimes every day and it doesn't matter who they work for or where they work... The second comment or "follow-up" is about the Santa who got sacked over a joke he told to an adult couple, a joke he has told for the 31 years he has worked for Macy's... Like many of you, when I heard one of the jokes regarding "knowing where all the bad little boys and girls live", I kind of sat straight up in my chair and thought it was a little strange or even creepy and in this day and age...scary... But, and excuse my big butt, I gave it more thought, and thought more about this particular man who has worked so many years for Macy's and done so much good for children through the years and according to everyone who knows him, is a wonderful man and human being... Because of this, I have to say that I don't believe for a minute this man is a danger to kids or has had any pedophile tendencies in all these years. Because there are so many sick people in the world, a long-standing innocent joke made us first perceive that there was something wrong here. Why not take issue with the adult couple who had to sit on his lap. No one took it as anything other than a pair of adults having fun, but their reaction tells me they had more on their mind than being offended. Macy's is refusing to say how they appeased the couple, but nothing takes away outrage like cold cash... I guess it's a sign of the times...People paying the price for other people's bad behavior... :-) Have a great weekend everyone!

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