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December 13, 2010


I'm all for being sensitive to people's feelings and not trying to
intentionally hurt or even offend them if at all possible. However...
I'm also sick of people getting their "knickers in a knot" over the
most ridiculous things and will go out of my way to further knot
their knickers if I can...

What has me shaking my head this time is the firing by Macy's department
store of John Toomey, a man who has beem employed by Macy's as their
seasonal Santa Claus for the past 31 years. YES, I said 31 years!!!

The reason he got fired was for telling a joke he had been telling
grown-ups for years. One couple took issue with it, went to management and
Santa got sacked...

Here is the exchange that caused the hoopla...

Santa: Have you been good this year?

Couple: Yes Santa.

Santa: That's too bad. Do you know why Santa is so jolly?

Couple: No Santa

Santa: That's because Santa knows where all the bad boys and girls live.

Mr. Toomey is adamant about never having told this joke to children or
near children and there has never been one complaint until now...

The couple didn't voice their displeasure when they got off Santa's lap
and apparently got appalled once they went to the office. I wonder what
Macy's gave them to make them happy...Hmmmmmmmmm

Toomey may end up ho-ho-ho-ing a little jollier. Since this happened, a human
rights attorney has appeared and his phone has been jingling all the way
with offers galore...

I haven't seen this couple come forward and would like to say this to them...

For Kris Kringle's sake...LIGHTEN UP!!!

I liked it much better when we could laugh at things that may not be
politically correct and not worry that everything we say or do will be
put on the Internet, with a gaggle of lawyers standing by to make a quick