Powered By Keep Your Feet Warm With These Fuzzy Socks $2.99 a pair - OR - buy 2 for $4.98 ------------------------------------------------------------ Classic Laff-a-Day - November 30, 2010 Greetings Laff Lovers, Make bed-time fun with your very own Cozy Cuddler Pet Pillows! Their cuteness is only matched by their comfortableness. No kid can resist the Cozy Cuddler Pet Pillows... okay most adults love them too. These ULTRA-SOFT, plush pets have a secret... unsnap the bottom and they become an extremely comfortable and snugly pillow. With three (3) different styles to choose from these are more than just a stuffed animal... it's a companion that transforms into a pillow that your child will love to hug and cuddle anytime, anyplace. Choose from a Bunny, Bumble Bee or Lady Bug Cozy Cuddler Pet Pillows List Price: $19.99 DEAL PRICE: $12.99 Buy 2 for $23.98 (40% off) Pet Size: 16" x 18". The hardest thing about ordering is deciding which pet to order. We've made it easy... we'll give you a discount on multiples. Get one Pet Pillow for $12.99 or two Pet Pillows for $23.98 Cuddling-ly, TZ ---------------------------------------------------------

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