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The Finest Hours DVD...Rare WWII archive footage
October 19, 2010


The hit release this week is the re-imagined addition to
the 'Predator' franchise, directed by Robert Rodriguez
('Desperado'). 'Predators' delivers high-impact action and
a diverse character array that is sure to keep you locked
into the story.

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'Oceans' DVD

This nature documentary about sea creatures was created by
Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, who previously did Winged
Migration (2001) about birds. Oceans is distributed by Disney
and has Pierce Brosnan doing the voice-over narration. Filmed
over four years in 50 locations, the documentary has footage
of exotic creatures such as the Spanish dancer sea slug and
the blanket octopus. There are also amazing occurrences,
such as a battle between vast armies of spider crabs. The
documentary excels at using the latest technology to show
dolphins, whales and turtles.

'Please Give' DVD

Nicole Holofcener (Friends With Money) wrote and directed
this well-acted, closely observed character-based film, and
this marks her fourth collaboration with actress Catherine
Keener. Kate (Keener) and her husband (Oliver Platt) have
become affluent by running a Manhattan store specializing
in mid-century modern furniture. Now they have arranged to
purchase the apartment of their crotchety elderly neighbor
when she dies. Other important characters in the film include
their teenage daughter and the elderly neighbor's two adult
granddaughters (Rebecca Hall and Amanda Peet).

'Predators' DVD

Adrien Brody stars in this sci-fi action movie that is the
2010 installment of the franchise which began with Arnold
Schwarzenegger in Predator (1987). This time around Royce
(Brody) regains consciousness as he parachutes into a strange
jungle. There he meets seven strangers, all of whom have
killed people ? a Yakuza assassin, a Mexican drug gang en-
forcer, a death row serial murderer, etc. These eight humans
are on a planet that is a game reserve, and they are to be
hunted down and killed by invisibility-cloaked extraterres-
trials. Laurence Fishburne appears in a key cameo.


DVD Rewind: Vietnam War Stories DVD

...shows the war with heartbreaking realism.
Witness the roots, battles, and heroes of the Vietnam War.

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