Powered By Shed excess water weight and reshape your body with the revolutionary Slimming Belt. Click to find out how. ------------------------------------------------------------ Classic Laff-a-Day - September 9, 2010 Greetings Laff Lovers, Are you frequent traveler who finds them-self overwhelmed by everything that is needed for the trip? Looking to condense your luggage load? Do you have too much to pack, but not enough space? With the Hand-Pressed Vacuum Storage Bags you can bring all the items that you need... and then some. Featuring new technology these Hand-Pressed Storage Bags are made of durable material so you can use them over and over and over again. Because of the clear see through film, you can keep your cloths organized for speedy security checks at airports. Not only can you pack 75% more in your suitcase, but as you use your travel bags they will keep dirty and damp cloths away from your clean clothes. To use, simply load your storage bag and use the included slider over the zipper from end to the other. Then just roll the air out for a tight sealed package. These are also great for storage. They are easy to stack on top of each other. Great for camping and backpacking. Store more in your suitcase, boat, RV, camper or dorm. Hand-Pressed Vacuum Storage Bag Compare at: $14.99 Your Price: $6.49 (56% off) Special Pricing: Buy 2 for $10.98 (63% off) BENEFITS: - Airtight & Waterproof - Fight Germs & Odors - Reusable - Saves 75% More Space - Speeds up security checks - Remember NO VACUUM IS NEEDED! Each pack contains two storage bags: - (1) Medium approx. 15.74" x 19.68" - (1) Large approx. 18.89" x 23.62" - (1) BONUS... Patented Easy Sealer included Get one set of Storage Bags for $6.49 or save an additional $2.00 and get two sets for $10.98 Storing-ly, TZ ---------------------------------------------------------

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