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Dear Readers,

Have you heard of these Silly Shaped Rubber Bands? They are
the hottest thing the kids are in to...and now it got even hotter
with the introduction of a new Glow In The Dark Version...

What really surprised me is I thought these were just for girls,
but some of the moms in the office said absolutely not... their
boys wear and collect them too. In fact I was asking Dianne why
she was getting them. Her youngest is a 15 year old boy. She
said no, all his friends trade them.

If how fast we have sold out of the regular ones, these Glow In
The Dark ones won't last long. Grab a 12 pack or more while you
can. I want to let you know that there are many different themes
and you don't get to choose. But these are so collectible that it
doesn't matter.

Glow in The Dark Silly Shaped Rubber Bands

List Price: $7.99
DEAL PRICE: $2.49 (68% off)
Get two for $3.98 (75% off)
Get 10 for $14.90 (81% off)

Collect 'em... Wear 'em... Trade 'em...
Worn as Bracelets these Silly Shaped Bands are traded &
Collected all over the world.

Now comes the latest revolution in them... GLOW IN THE DARK!
Now they can be enjoyed day and night.

Grab a pack or two of them and you'll be a hero to any kid.
Each pack contains 12 assorted shapes (sorry they are sent
randomly). These extraordinary shape morphing bracelets will
surprise you at how cool they are.

Bring the fun back into your home or office with these clever
shaped Silly Rubber Bands! They look and behave like normal
rubber bands when stretched. But when removed from whatever
they are holding, they instantly spring back into their
original shape... all fun shapes.

Use them for wrapping presents or horde them all for yourself.
They make great gift party favors. For ages 3+. Everyone loves
to collect and trade these fun shaped bracelets. Colors and
shapes WILL vary and are sent at random. Grab a pack of 12 for
$2.49 or Super Special: Save an additional $10.00 and get 10
packages (120 bracelets) for $14.90...