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Classic Laff-a-Day - May 25, 2010

Greetings Laff Lovers,

There has been a rash of, how should I say it, inappropriate
touching going around the office lately. Ear-flicking, pony-
tail-pulling and goosing, for example.

One of the girls started complaining to no one in particular
that if this kind of behavior doesn't stop she is going to
have to ask Magilla the ape-boss to institute some conduct

Hearing this I walked up behind her chair, began caressing
her shoulders and said, "I wouldn't bother. I'm the company
sensitivity counselor."



EZ Zip Drain Cleaner
The EASIEST & CHEAPEST Way To Clear Clogged/Slow Running Drains...

Normal Price: $3.99
Get Two for: $3.98

Simply push flexible, grooved EZ Zip into any clogged drain and
pull back out to remove hair and debris-freeing up clogs in
seconds. No mess or dangerous fumes. EZ Zip's finger grip handle
gives you firm control for safe, easy power over clogged sink,
shower and bath drains. Nylon, plastic. 20"L.

- Clears drains in seconds without chemicals.
- Works in kitchens, bath, sinks, showers and tubs.
- Simply insert and pull.
- Removes hair and clears clogs.
- Safe and Easy.

All you do is:
1. Push EZ Zip into the drain.
2. Pull the EZ Zip back slowly to remove hair & debris.
3. Run water through the drain.

Get one (1) for just $2.49 save an additional $1.00 and get two (2) f=
or $3.98

"Obama was celebrating his first 100 days in office. George
Bush was president for eight years and never spent close to
100 days in office." -Jay Leno

What is the difference between frustration and panic?

Frustration is the first time you discover you can't do it
the second time.

Panic is the second time you discover you can't do it the
first time.

The epic history Spielberg and Hanks took their inspiration from.
The real life story of the Pacific. Victory at Sea on DVD - NOW 9.99.

When to Propose... Or Not

Men who can answer "yes" to five or more of these questions
should consider carefully before proposing marriage.

* In the kitchen, has she ever referred to an oven as "that
square thing?"

* Does she use the phrase "you know" more than twice per

* Is she making monthly payments of more than $300 to a
plastic surgeon.

* Have you noticed her name tattoed on three or more local

* Have you noticed three or more local bikers' names tattooed
on her?

* Does she regularly compare your love-making talents to an
old boyfriend's?

* Does she regularly compare your love-making talents to the
Green Bay Packers?

* Does she have a wholesale source for Deodorant-in-a-Drum?

* Has she ever used the word poo-poo?

* If forced to use it at all, does she choose to spell the
word sex?

* Does her resume include a six-year stint at Big Leg Emma's
House of Painful Delights?

Cell Phone Charging Shelf Stand
You'll want one for every cell phone user....

List Price: $9.99
Get Two For: $9.98

Not only are dangling cords unsightly when charging
your cell phone, MP3 player, phone, PDA, iPod, PSP,
or other hand-held devices, you don't want to leave
it on the floor where they can get stepped on or the
cords can be a tripping hazard.

This Cell Phone Charging Shelf Stand is a great
little gadget. This handy shelf hangs adjacent to
the plug, keeping your phone safe, and the cords
neatly wrapped and out of the way.

Just put it on top of your outlet, plug your cord
through the opening, and wrap excess cord around
base. Place device on plastic cradle. Cradle size
is: 4" x 3" x 4".

Great For Charging:
- Cell Phones
- PDAs
- PSPs
- iPods & other MP3 players
- any other handheld devices...

Get one for $5.99 or save more and get two for $9.98.

When to Accept a Proposal... Or Not..

Women who can answer "yes" to five or more of these questions
should consider carefully before accepting a proposal of

* On his first date with you, did he pick you up early so you
could help with his laundry?

* To reach him in an emergency, would anyone think to call the
local adult bookstore?

* Has he ever bragged about seeing every episode of "Gilligan's
Island" at least four times?

* Is it unclear to some people whether that's a mustache or
just a lot of unruly nose hair?

* Is his idea of a classy restaurant one where every table has
its own stack of ketchup packets?

* Does his car get more than sixty miles per gallon?

* Does the label on his deodorant include the phrase "Industrial

* Has he memorized the telephone number of at least one bail-

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