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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hello Music lovers,

Today’s song choice actually comes from a strange place - a video game I watched my roommate play in college. Without going into too much detail on how great a game Fallout 3 is to just simply play, the soundtrack was fantastic. It takes place in a future post-apocalyptic Washington DC, but the soundtrack is exclusively from the 1940’s.

The most well known song from the game has to be I Don’t Want to Se the World on Fire by the Ink Spots. The vocal group released it in 1941, but I think it still holds up today, what do you think?

Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
I Don’t Want To Set The World on Fire
This song was one of the Ink Spots earliest hits, and found new life when a popular video game featured it in game and for promos.

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Last Week’s Video:
Betterman - Pearl Jam
One of the best live performances of Betterman I’ve ever seen from the early 90s.

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