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Forgotten History Video - August 28, 2015

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Do you have a tattoo? Do you know where the word 'tattoo' comes from? Do you know how long we've been tattooing our bodies? Watch this TED ED video and learn all there is about a form of visual expression and its historical significance.

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*---- Last Week's Clip ----*

Dr. Seuss Biography

Theodor Seuss Geisel published his 1st children's book under the name of Dr. Seuss in 1937. Then success found him with a string of best sellers, including the 'The Cat in the Hat'.

Watch It Now: Dr. Seuss Biography


*---- Video Clip of the Week ----*

The History of Tattoos

If you have a tattoo, you're part of a rich cultural history that dates back at least 8,000 years. Discover where this practice of body modification actually came from.

Watch It Now: The History of Tattoos


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