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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

This week we are focusing on health and beauth. Skincare, fitness and good digestion. And after all that attention to your health why not splurge on a little free fast food?

Check it out below...

All My Best,

JERGENS is bringing you a choice of glow-worthy rewards to get you really beaming. Whether you're overdue for a much-needed facial, looking to revamp your hairstyle, or toning up for summertime, you'll be ready to lose those layers and show some skin. Buy any 2 full-sized JERGENS Natural Glow products and you'll receive an exclusive voucher for one of their three rewards.

Choose your golden gift:

Free Personal Training Session
Free Beauty Treatment
Free Wellness Session

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While millions have tried Burger King's new crinkle cut fries, not everyone knows just how delicious their new lower-calorie, lower-fat fries are. Changing the fry recipe can attract new customers, but may upset long-time customers who liked the previous fry. Give your feedback on the success of Burger King's new Satisfries and participate in special offers for a complimentary Burger King gift card.

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With one Prilosec OTC pill a day, you can block frequent heartburn symptoms before they strike for a full 24 hours of heartburn relief. That way you can power on with your day—and rest at night—without concern that your frequent heartburn will flare up. That’s because Prilosec OTC fights heartburn day and night by shutting down many of the acid pumps in your stomach. It’s the all-day, all-night heartburn protection you need.

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Curves Workouts With Jillian Michaels are designed to give you amazing results. In just 30 minutes a day you will build lean muscle, amp up your metabolism and kick start your weight loss. Each workout has modifications for every fitness level, so everyone can get maximum benefits. And of course there is always a coach on the Curves circuit to help you with your form and push you to your personal best.

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