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May 7, 2010


Sunday is Mother's Day and I'd like to wish every mom a happy day!
While the news is filled with stories of women who have no business
becoming moms, Sunday isn't about them or those types...

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the one person who gives and loves
unconditionally. I have always maintained that being a mom is the hardest=

job in the world, and often a job that goes unnoticed, unrewarded, and =


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Just slip them on and pet your wet pet and dry them instantly.
Great after bath, walks in the rain... anytime!

Keep one handy in the home, car, boat, camper or anywhere
dogs will track in dirt.

- Includes 2 Drying Mitts (Length 11", Width 8")
- Made of washable poly/nylon microfiber fabric.
- Absorbing up to five (5) times its Weight in Water!
- Has sown in finger slots to aid in gripping & massaging.
- One size fits all.
- Machine Wash; Tumble Dry

Grab a pair of Pet Drying Mitts for $7.99 or save an additional
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The rewards are small at first. A child's first giggle, their first
word, step, first day of school.From the time a woman becomes a mother,=

she will never truly get a good night's sleep because she is always
"on call" and ready to spring into any action at a moment's notice...=

So much of who we are is molded from the early years we spend with our =

moms and the older we get, the more conscious of that we become by
saying things our moms said that we swore we would never say...

Even when we may not agree with certain ways our mother's raised us,
the older we get, the more sense it makes and even when it doesn't,
we try to understand the differences in generations and times. My
generation was lucky to have our moms home with us as we grew up and
it's sad that so many males and females have never known the security
of coming home from school, opening the door and yelling, "Maaaaa",=

and getting an answer back almost immediately...

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Travel Ready 37 pc First Aid Kit
For your Car, Home, or Office...

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Here is a First Aid kit that is perfect for anyone on the go.
It's small and travel ready. It can easily fit in a glove box,
desk drawer or even a purse.

You'll love the cool plastic storage case that you can restock
& reuse. These make excellent gifts. Stock up on them while
you can at this low price.

- Ten (10) Plastic Bandages (3/4" x 3")
- Ten (10) Plastic Bandages (3/8" x 1 1/2")
- Two (2) Gauze Pads (2" x 2" - two per pack)
- Three (3) Alcohol Cleansing Pads
- One (1) Butterfly Closure
- Ten (10) Cotton Tips
- Plastic Case (Re-Useable) Size: W: 4" L: 5" D: 1"

Grab one for $2.49 save an additional $1.40 and get two for
$3.58 or save an additional $7.00 and get 10 for $17.90


The invaluable lessons a mother teaches her children can't be learned
from a computer, game, or television show, and that again, is something=

so many kids have missed out on in recent years due to financial burdens=

on the family...

My thoughts this Mother's Day aren't with my own motherhood as much as =

they are with my own mother. Like so many moms, she is getting "up ther=
and try as you may to block any thought of the day when they aren't aroun=
it's a sad, chilling thought that creeps in your mind at the strangest =


She is and has always been the heart of our family. She didn't preach, sh=
taught by example and showed a patience that I have still not learned at=

55 years of age!

So...I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day and send my good wish=
and respect to all of the moms out there. You are all to be celebrated =

and cherished, and those with young kids, your time will come because
the older "we" get, the smarter moms get!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!!

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