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Silly Shaped Bands are Traded & Collected all over the world. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello subscribers! Have you ever seen those advertisements which claim, "Our loss is your gain! Overstocked items must go at any cost!" Well, we fall into the same trap with our online store at If a product gets discontinued or the promotion ends or may- be we just plain bought too much of it, we have to get rid of it. That's where the Deal of the Day newsletter comes in. The deal of the day is an online store that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap. There one item a day at a HUGE discount. Subscribe and find out what today's deal. Look for Deal of the Day NEW ARCHIVES! We have a new archive page, folks. Right now you can get newsletters from Clean Laffs to Bizarre News and dozens of titles in between. Years worth of issues! Just check out the link at the bottom of the page! * * * * * * * YOUR VIDEO SNACK BAR * * * * * * * YOUR VIDEO SNACK BAR Top Viewed Videos... 1. All the Single Babies 2. Celebrities: Before and After Make-Up 3. Amos N´ Andy - In the IRS Office 4. The D-Day Invasion 5. The Spanish Civil War 6. The Human Slinky * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * MOST POPULAR from Trivia Today (3x a week) Exactly how long is a jiffy? Are all snowflakes really unique? What is the most polluted city in the entire world? If you have questions...your TRIVIA TODAY editor has answers. Five days a week we will bring you a multitude of minutia you never knew you were curious about. Trivia, mystery quotes, brain teasers, we promise TRIVIA TODAY will keep you on your toes. Click the link below to subscribe for free! Look for Trivia Today Celebrity Nooz (3x a week) Those of you who are already subscribed to Celebrity Nooz know that your editor, Sarah, has been reporting the latest Hollywood gossip for over five years now. All of the daily dirt you want to know out of Tinseltown comes straight to your inbox with her unique slant on the celebs. Join today. Subscription is free! Click the link below and look for Celebrity Nooz at the top of the page... Look for Celebrity Nooz Living Green (Friday) 'Living Green' is aimed at those readers who want to take an active role in doing something positive for the environ- ment. Focusing on conservation, recycling, alternative energy, low carbon impact and a more organic lifestyle, 'Living Green' will provide everyday tips that readers can employ cheaply and easily in their own homes and lives. Click the link below and look for 'Living Green' under Home & Garden... Look for Living Green

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