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Smartphone apps designed to spot skin cancer may not be accurate
Many household drinking water filters fail to totally remove PFAS
NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft recovering from glitch
Scientists develop new way to extract, analyze DNA from museum specimens
New technology promises on-the-spot hydrogen fuel production
Engineers develop flexible touchscreen that can be printed like newspaper
New molecule harnesses full visible spectrum of sunlight
Scientists film chemical bond making, breaking
Solar geoengineering can curb climate change, reduce global inequality
Underwater robot becomes first to autonomously collect an ocean sample
Astronomers develop better way to detect oxygen in alien atmospheres
New imaging technique may speed diagnosis of brain tumors
New algorithms help laser-guided telescopes spot small pieces of space junk
Scientists closer to solving Newton's 'three-body problem'
ESA launches satellite for exoplanet survey
NASA approves final assembly for Lockheed's quiet, supersonic X-plane
Liquid biopsy may predict breast cancer recurrence
Underground fiber-optic cables help scientists record thunderquakes
Household dust hosts toxic chemicals from LCD screens
Healing the ozone layer helped slow global warming
Parker Solar Probe helps unravel sun's mysteries
Researchers discover stellar black hole too large for science to explain
Neuroscientists build model to identify internal brain states
Scientists turn fossil fuel pollutant into usable industrial chemical
New device can capture, store energy from the sun
New material to pave the way for lead-free solar panels
Warmer temperatures to boost CO2 emissions from bacteria
Carbon capture could be climate change solution, or maybe not...
Voyager 2 arrives at interstellar space, finds increased plasma density
Structured light to make communication technologies faster and more secure
New hot-charging lithium ion battery can charge an electric car in 10 minutes
Scientists publish strategy for carbon neutral land sector by 2040
Space collisions a growing concern as Earth orbit gets more crowded
New plasma wave accelerator propels electrons to record speeds
Genetic engineering tool promises to aid discovery of new drugs inside microbes
ICON satellite to study boundary between Earth's atmosphere, space
Researchers develop tiny infrared spectrometer
Scientists use implanted memories to teach baby bird to sing
Stanford scientists invent gel that could protect trees from wildfire
New quantum technology enables light manipulation at greater scales
Scientists subject crystal to sound waves in search of quantum leap
Scientists to help grains besides rice survive flooding
Spider silk, wood combination replicates material advantages of plastic
Researchers produce blackest black material to date
New color-changing smart skin inspired by chameleons
T. rex had a giant air conditioner in its noggin
New catalytic reactor turns CO2 into liquid fuel
NASA engineers attach Mars Helicopter to Mars 2020 rover
Nanoparticles could grant humans permanent night vision
Stardust found in Antarctic snow