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NASA successfully launches DART asteroid collision mission
Feeding sugar to bacteria may lead to less harmful fuel
NASA taking aim at asteroid is first step toward planetary defense
Apple to allow users to repair devices beginning next year
Are Better Batteries An Elusive Goal?
NASA pushes back astronaut lunar landing goal to 2025
Walmart tests driverless trucks to deliver groceries
Facebook ditches facial recognition feature
VR technology enables users to see individual cells in human body
NASA releases far-out 'travel' video
Maine's North Woods offers glimpse of future fights for 'green energy'
U.S. needs nuclear spacecraft to compete with China, NASA official says
AI can help diagnose mental health disorders where access to care lacking
New cane with camera, sensors may help visually impaired
Shatner set for launch into real space
Three scientists win Nobel Prize for Physics for climate-related discoveries
AI could help scientists ID the next virus to jump from animals to humans
NASA launches climate change-tracking Landsat 9 satellite
Machine learning helps scientists pinpoint 'genes of importance'
Winged microchip is the world's smallest human-made flying structure
NASA offers new website to look at Mars rover images
Researchers potty-train cows to reduce ammonia emissions
Global computing's carbon footprint is bigger than previously estimated
Space industry grapples with oxygen fuel shortage
NASA's Mars simulation hopefuls face tough application process
NASA plans yearlong Mars simulation to test limits of isolation
SpaceX launches cargo mission, including robotic arm, to space station
Federal agencies plan to expand use of facial recognition technology
GM expands battery recall to all Chevrolet Bolts
Survey forecasts increasing CO2 emissions from oil refineries
NASA's Ingenuity helicopter completes 12th Mars flight
NASA mulls how to dispose of International Space Station
Perseverance rover's first drilling attempt on Mars turns up empty
Researchers present battery-free pacemaker powered by the heart
Light-bending technique for wavelength conversion may boost imaging technologies
Orbiter's infrared sensors reveal Venus' nighttime weather
Electrical security system helps tomato plants sound alarm when insects attack
Lockheed Martin opens new spacecraft facility
New device harvests power from sweaty fingertips
NASA moves ahead with plan to support private space stations
NASA grapples with Hubble Telescope's most serious problem in years
New gas sensing device to aid air quality assessments, health screenings
Microbes from the guts of cows can break down plastic
Black holes imaged gobbling up neutron stars 'like Pac Man'
Finnish company will test tiny, wooden satellite in space
NASA pursues greener, more efficient spacecraft propulsion
Upgraded earmuffs measure blood alcohol levels through ear skin
Engineers design battery to power flying cars
World's first digital fiber can collect, store, analyze data
NASA's new $23 million space commode system is more than just a toilet