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Global computing's carbon footprint is bigger than previously estimated
Space industry grapples with oxygen fuel shortage
NASA's Mars simulation hopefuls face tough application process
NASA plans yearlong Mars simulation to test limits of isolation
SpaceX launches cargo mission, including robotic arm, to space station
Federal agencies plan to expand use of facial recognition technology
GM expands battery recall to all Chevrolet Bolts
Survey forecasts increasing CO2 emissions from oil refineries
NASA's Ingenuity helicopter completes 12th Mars flight
NASA mulls how to dispose of International Space Station
Perseverance rover's first drilling attempt on Mars turns up empty
Researchers present battery-free pacemaker powered by the heart
Light-bending technique for wavelength conversion may boost imaging technologies
Orbiter's infrared sensors reveal Venus' nighttime weather
Electrical security system helps tomato plants sound alarm when insects attack
Lockheed Martin opens new spacecraft facility
New device harvests power from sweaty fingertips
NASA moves ahead with plan to support private space stations
NASA grapples with Hubble Telescope's most serious problem in years
New gas sensing device to aid air quality assessments, health screenings
Microbes from the guts of cows can break down plastic
Black holes imaged gobbling up neutron stars 'like Pac Man'
Finnish company will test tiny, wooden satellite in space
NASA pursues greener, more efficient spacecraft propulsion
Upgraded earmuffs measure blood alcohol levels through ear skin
Engineers design battery to power flying cars
World's first digital fiber can collect, store, analyze data
NASA's new $23 million space commode system is more than just a toilet
Lockheed, General Motors team up on lunar rover plan
New microscopy technology helps scientists peer deeper into brain
Recycling of rare elements in electronics may help environment, create jobs
European Space Agency plans network of moon satellites
New technology turns plastic trash into jet fuel
New technology turns plastic trash into jet fuel
New technology converts plastic trash into jet fuel
Scientists find new use for valve invented by Nikola Tesla 100 years ago
New White House panel aims to separate science, politics
NASA spacecraft begins 2-year trip home with asteroid rubble
NASA announces launch plans for new Dream Chaser spaceplane
Scientists turn cellphone into a chemical detector
Smart shirt tracks vital signs of astronauts aboard space station
3D motion tracking system could help autonomous technologies 'see'
NASA clears first reused SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule for astronaut launch
NASA confirms historic success on first Mars helicopter flight
Plant gene discovery could help scientists develop heat-tolerant crops
Engineers unveil large scale CO2 conversion system
Nevada company plans space station with inflatable pods
Scientists turn beer waste into new protein sources, biofuels
Old tires can be turned into graphene for concrete, reducing carbon emissions
Filter made from a tree branch cleans contaminated water