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Engineers design reusable silicone rubber face mask with N95 filter
New technology combines wood, bacteria, sunlight to purify water
Scientists develop better way to measure, translate dog years
Glow-in-the-dark sneezes show best homemade face mask is quilted cotton
NASA, ESA, JAXA to track pandemic's effects from space
Space tourists might rise above Earth with hydrogen balloons
Wearable technology could play key role in COVID-19 diagnosis and contact tracing
Scientists trigger hibernation in mice, astronauts could be next
Boston University's magnetosphere experiment launched
NASA chooses Astrobotic to send VIPER rover to the moon
Vulcan rocket scheduled to launch in early 2021
World's most sensitive strain sensor can detect the weight of a feather
Astronauts enter space station on historic SpaceX mission
Ring might help detect COVID-19 outbreaks in healthcare workers, public
AI can predict a person's personality using only a selfie
Scientists use ultrasonic mind control on monkeys
Self-repairing rubber made from waste ideal for variety of uses
Scientists unveil new concept for single-atom transistor
Smarter hardware to make artificial intelligence more energy efficient
Scientists unveil fossil fuel-free jet propulsion that uses microwave air plasmas
Breathable electronic fabric to make wearable tech more comfortable
Scientists build biobot with a real rat spinal cord
Smart contact lens accurately monitors blood sugar in rabbits, human tests next
New eletronics mimic brain's low-power computing abilities
New camera can detect single photons of light at record speeds
Why matter dominates antimatter in the universe
Apollo 13's 50th anniversary recalls NASA tragedy turned triumph
Scientists struggle to explain how coronavirus moves through the air
Smartphone apps can identify AFib, false positives give researchers pause
Plasma transfusion shows promise for COVID-19 treatment
Scientists discover plastic-eating microbe
New imaging technology tops ECG for irregular heartbeat diagnosis
Scientists develop AI device that detects coughs in crowds
Research show potential COVID-19 treatments
Study reveals how plants communicate for defense using gene regulation
Very Large Telescope finds giant exoplanet where it rains iron
Neuroscientists watch brains replay memories in real time
Light-activated coating kills bacteria
Longer Starliner software tests could have prevented flight failure
Device may predict heart failure health events
Adidas, Delta Faucet prep research projects for International Space Station
Protein-powered device generates electricity from moisture in the air
Researchers develop faster method for 3D printing
Smartphone apps designed to spot skin cancer may not be accurate
Many household drinking water filters fail to totally remove PFAS
NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft recovering from glitch
Scientists develop new way to extract, analyze DNA from museum specimens
New technology promises on-the-spot hydrogen fuel production
Engineers develop flexible touchscreen that can be printed like newspaper
New molecule harnesses full visible spectrum of sunlight