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Artemis I's Orion flies close to moon ahead of return to Earth
Scientists discover two new minerals in meteorite
Europe's space agency reviewing space-based solar power
NASA's Orion spacecraft comes within 81 miles of moon's surface
Meteorite offers insight into building blocks of early life
NASA creates strategy to protect James Webb Space Telescope
NASA's CAPSTONE probe overcomes malfunction, reaches orbit around the moon
iPhone 14 users can soon send emergency SOS messages via satellite
AI company secures $91M for fleet of automated recycling robots
SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy rocket for Space Force mission
Hot rocks could be the next new power source
NASA builds team to research Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
Mars rover Curiosity reaches planet's salty region to study climate change
Apple announces release of new iPads and TV
Relativity Space expands presence at NASA's Mississippi center
Next-generation spacesuits on drawing board for NASA moon mission
Facebook parent Meta unveils AI video generator Make-a-Video
NASA resets for Crew-5, Artemis I missions post-Ian
Tesla unveils 'Optimus' robot prototype at AI Day event
NASA's DART spacecraft crashes into asteroid in planetary defense test
MIT develops battery-free underwater camera
Samsung Electronics to invest $5B in 2050 zero-emissions plan
Scientists believe Mars rock samples contain organic matter
NASA's CAPSTONE probe suffers anomaly, put in safe mode
Apple releases iOS 16, allowing users to unsend messages
Solar-powered cyborg cockroaches could rescue humans
SpaceX launches 51 Starlink satellites, orbital transfer vehicle
NASA repairs issue with Voyager 1 space probe
SpaceX, T-Mobile set to announce plans to 'increase connectivity'
Germany unveils fully hydrogen-powered train line
NASA identifies 13 potential Artemis III landing sites for human return to moon
NASA explains strange stringy object photographed by Perseverance rover
Samsung unveils new foldable Galaxy smartphones, smartwatch, earbuds
Hubble Space Telescope captures star-studded globular cluster
Court rules AI cannot receive patents on inventions
Remote surgical robot to be tested on International Space Station
Smartphones, other digital devices may help improve memory skills
Researchers use AI to predict nearly all known proteins
'Minecraft' blocks NFT integration, blockchain technology
NASA delays VIPER lunar rover's launch by one year
SpaceX launches 53 Starlink satellites to orbit after Dragon docks with ISS
Astronomers detect fast radio burst with rare heartbeat-like pulse
New material for artificial muscles called stronger and more flexible
NASA re-establishes contact with CAPSTONE spacecraft
Implantable 'nerve coolers' could offer new hope tor pain sufferers
NASA, Rocket Lab launch orbiter to help pave way for astronauts' return to moon
NASA's InSight Mars lander to conduct science until it runs out of power
MIT-led team unveils tool to map mutations
'Dual robot' drone can fly and dive to monitor water quality
FAA requires SpaceX to make environmental changes to Starbase