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NASA James Webb Telescope returns rare Wolf-Rayet images
Asteroid has slim chance of collision course with Earth in 2046
NASA releases detailed map of upcoming eclipses
AI model can predict cancer survival chances by reading doctor notes
Researchers find asteroid redirection a viable possibility for planetary defense
Meta announces new AI language model
Most Americans uncomfortable with artificial intelligence in healthcare
NASA and Boeing target April for manned Starliner test flight
Researchers develop 'green' method to extract hydrogen from seawater
No test pilot needed as AI flies tactical aircraft for the first time
Ameresco to develop solar facility at abandoned Illinois landfill
Google to unveil new AI to compete with ChatGPT
Astronauts use spacewalk to continue upgrade of ISS solar arrays
ChargePoint teams up with AI leader Stem to support EV networks
NASA and DARPA partner for nuclear space rocket test
Astronauts conduct first ISS spacewalk of 2023
Apple announces new MacBook Pros powered by M2 Pro, M2 Max chips
James Webb Space Telescope confirms its first exoplanet
Private U.S. space company ABL fails to launch from Alaska
Scientists eager to analyze International Space Station experiments soon
Researchers testing wristwatch device to monitor PTSD symptoms
NASA: New topography satellite masts unfurl successfully
Oppenheimer's security clearance posthumously restored
SpaceX launches 54 Starlink communication satellites
Space company Maxar plans to go private with $6.4 billion deal
Europe launches new MTG satellite for enhanced weather and climate monitoring
Net energy gain achieved in nuclear fusion breakthrough
Britain to build first Americium space battery
Britain set to launch its first space mission
Artemis I's Orion flies close to moon ahead of return to Earth
Scientists discover two new minerals in meteorite
Europe's space agency reviewing space-based solar power
NASA's Orion spacecraft comes within 81 miles of moon's surface
Meteorite offers insight into building blocks of early life
NASA creates strategy to protect James Webb Space Telescope
NASA's CAPSTONE probe overcomes malfunction, reaches orbit around the moon
iPhone 14 users can soon send emergency SOS messages via satellite
AI company secures $91M for fleet of automated recycling robots
SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy rocket for Space Force mission
Hot rocks could be the next new power source
NASA builds team to research Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
Mars rover Curiosity reaches planet's salty region to study climate change
Apple announces release of new iPads and TV
Relativity Space expands presence at NASA's Mississippi center
Next-generation spacesuits on drawing board for NASA moon mission
Facebook parent Meta unveils AI video generator Make-a-Video
NASA resets for Crew-5, Artemis I missions post-Ian
Tesla unveils 'Optimus' robot prototype at AI Day event
NASA's DART spacecraft crashes into asteroid in planetary defense test
MIT develops battery-free underwater camera