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Programming helps AI software imitate human visual learning
NASA prepares Orion simulator for lunar mission training
NASA approves two new missions to study space weather
Space-time ripples could help explain universe's mysterious expansion
Scientists solve key mystery of the human immune response
Electromagnetic images help scientists deconstruct ancient Jewish parchment
Astronomers find universe's longest intergalactic gas filament
Birdsong works like a mood booster for humans
Phone apps useful for management of anxiety and depression
Researchers unveil world's first pocket-sized DNA 'tricorder'
Wastewater testing for COVID-19 could soon be a reality
New lab-on-a-chip infection test produces diagnostic results in minutes
Microfibers could allow pieces of clothing to track a variety of vital signs
Hydrogen-producing algae may fuel alternative energy economy
World's most powerful radar telescope at Arecibo will be scrapped
FDA authorizes first at-home COVID-19 test
Virus live stream will allow scientists to study infections in real-time
Education key to developing lifelike intelligent robots
Scientists demonstrate new kind of superconductivity once thought impossible
AI boosts accuracy of mammogram screening for breast cancer
DNA-based molecular tagging system could replace printed barcodes
Graphene-based memory resistors could lead to brain-based computing
Scientists detail structural secrets of near-indestructible beetle
GM unveils it newest vehicle - the all-electric Hummer EV
NASA funds Nokia plan to provide cellular service on moon
Layered hybrid fibers could be used to build anti-viral masks
Wearable tattoo: Scientists print sensors directly onto skin without heat
NASA seeking new ways to cope with space debris
First U.S. robotic moon lander since Apollo era planned for mid-2021
3D-printed, transparent fibers can sense breath, sounds, cell movements
MIT physicists inch closer to zero-emissions power source
Robot beats humans at curling thanks to deep learning program
Scientists publish water quality database for 12,000 freshwater lakes
Study finds nasal solution may stop spread of COVID-19
Rare molecule in Venus' atmosphere could be sign of life
New quantum thermometer can measure a fever in worms
Low-dose electrical stimulation helps adults with dyslexia read
LIGO, Virgo detectors record collision of massive black holes
New laser-based tool can observe chemical reactions
Polymers in water at dentist can prevent aerosol mists that spread germs
New device turns sunlight, CO2, water into carbon-neutral fuel
A bit of gold grants crystals new electric properties
Breakthrough extends quantum state stability by 10,000 times
Red bricks can be charged, store energy
Digital content to total half Earth's mass by 2245
NASA completes crucial test of moon rocket's propulsion system
Pollution disparities can be seen from space
Rare glassy metal discovered by scientists studying lithium batteries
Astronomers track down 'lost' worlds spotted but unconfirmed by TESS survey
Face coverings and social distancing can reduce COVID-19 up to 65%