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Samsung unveils new foldable Galaxy smartphones, smartwatch, earbuds
Hubble Space Telescope captures star-studded globular cluster
Court rules AI cannot receive patents on inventions
Remote surgical robot to be tested on International Space Station
Smartphones, other digital devices may help improve memory skills
Researchers use AI to predict nearly all known proteins
'Minecraft' blocks NFT integration, blockchain technology
NASA delays VIPER lunar rover's launch by one year
SpaceX launches 53 Starlink satellites to orbit after Dragon docks with ISS
Astronomers detect fast radio burst with rare heartbeat-like pulse
New material for artificial muscles called stronger and more flexible
NASA re-establishes contact with CAPSTONE spacecraft
Implantable 'nerve coolers' could offer new hope tor pain sufferers
NASA, Rocket Lab launch orbiter to help pave way for astronauts' return to moon
NASA's InSight Mars lander to conduct science until it runs out of power
MIT-led team unveils tool to map mutations
'Dual robot' drone can fly and dive to monitor water quality
FAA requires SpaceX to make environmental changes to Starbase
NASA selects new instruments to study moon
NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter captures 25th flight on video
Cyberattack risk with pacemakers, insulin pumps low, but may grow
Northwestern engineers develop smallest remote-controlled walking robot
Broadcom buys cloud company VMware in 2nd-largest tech deal of 2022
Boeing's Starliner lands in New Mexico after successful mission to ISS
Crews remove last functioning pay phone in New York City
NASA's InSight Mars lander set to end mission on Red Planet this summer
Scientists succeed for first time growing plants in soil from the moon
Google unveils first smartwatch, Pixel budget phone
Microsoft beefs up cybersecurity after surge in threats
Apple, Google, Microsoft join in move toward passwordless logins for users
Rocket Lab successfully catches Electron booster with helicopter
Experts issue call to regulate space debris as levels of junk mount
CERN restarts Large Hadron Collider in quest to unlock origins of the universe
Mars rover searches for evidence of past life at ancient river delta
Plasma ejections from the sun could cause damage on Earth
Lithium ion batteries going cobalt-free; nickel next on the chopping block
FDA clears Fitbit device that passively monitors heart rhythms
Artificial intelligence accurately predicts cardiac arrest death
Hubble detects earliest-known star through 'warp' in space
Energy Dept. introduces new efficiency standard for federal buildings
All-private Axiom mission to ISS could launch as early as April 3
Electrify America plans new 'customer-focused' charging stations
Recycling seen as way to bolster U.S. rare-earth element supply
Starbucks customers to charge electric vehicles at shops in pilot program
NASA prepares to roll out giant Artemis moon rocket
Supply chain challenges boosted cost of solar energy in 2021
Wearable device prototype powered by human movement
Some tech devices may throw off pacemaker/defibrillators
James Webb Telescope adjustments bring stars more into focus
AT&T first to sunset 3G network