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Neglecting the basic maintenance needed on your home and car will only end up costing you more money down the road. Lack of maintenance inevitably leads to something big breaking and that will cost you a lot more to repair than it would have cost to make small investments in regular maintenance.

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Is there a smell of fish, curry or something you've burnt?

You can banish unwanted cooking smells from the kitchen by boiling a cup of distilled white vinegar and a couple of
cloves in an uncovered saucepan for a few minutes.


Get your saucepans sparkling

Remove burnt-on stains from pans with cheap own-brand
cola. Pour just enough into your pan to cover the burnt
area. Boil, stir, then remove from the heat. Pour away
the hot cola and the burnt residue should go with it.
Finish off with a rinse and a quick wipe with a clean

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