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To save on grocery bills, many shoppers visit multiple stores on shopping day, wasting time and gas money. Instead, stagger weekly shopping trips to different stores, buying canned goods at the warehouse store one week, and stocking up on meat at the supermarket the next. Simplify shopping trips, save on gas--and still tap weekly bargains!

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1:

Get clothing, towels and sheets naturally soft--and save money on pricey fabric softeners--with white vinegar. Used measure for measure in place of liquid fabric softener (3/4 cup for top-loading, 1/4 for front-loading washers), vinegar cuts detergent residue and softens fabric without perfumes or chemical additives. Dump the dryer sheets!




Hint 2:

Returning clean dishes to the cupboard during after-dinner
clean-up? Set the breakfast table straight from the dishwasher! You'll save steps--and make precious time during busy mornings. If you wash dishes overnight? Do it in reverse, setting the table for dinner as you put away clean dishes each morning.

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