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So much is going on! Is a 'Game of Thrones' prequel series coming soon? Patton Oswalt pays tribute to late wife after Emmy win. Henry Winkler pays tribute to Garry Marshall at Emmys. And 'Sound of Music' star Charmian Carr has died at 73.

Some stories are sweet, some are sad and one is rather exciting. Like I said, there's so much going on.

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George R.R. Martin teases 'Game of Thrones' prequel series
George R.R. Martin hinted at a Game of Thrones prequel series while attending the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday.

The 67-year-old author revealed he has plenty of material for a prequel after the HBO series won Outstanding Drama Series at the ceremony. Game of Thrones is based on Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series.

"I do have thousands of pages of fake history of everything that led up to Game of Thrones, so there's a lot of material there and I'm writing more," Martin told reporters backstage.

"At the moment we still have this show to finish and I still have two books to finish, so that's all speculation," he qualified of the potential project.

Martin has yet to complete books six and seven of the seven planned books for A Song of Ice and Fire. Game of Thrones, meanwhile, will come to a close after an eighth season in 2018 whether the author has finished the novels or not.

"It will be bigger and it will be better, but it will also be worse but mostly better," Game of Thrones showrunner D.B. Weiss said of Seasons 7 and 8.

Martin previously told Entertainment Weekly he'd like to see his Tales of Dunk and Egg novellas adapted if HBO pursues a Game of Thrones spinoff. The series follows the early exploits of Duncan, who becomes a famous knight, and Aegon, a future king.

"[They'd be] the most natural followup," he said in April. "Each of the novellas could easily be done as a two-hour standalone movie for television; that would probably be the ideal way to do them, rather than as an ongoing weekly series."

Game of Thrones was nominated for numerous other awards at the Emmys. The series took home 11 wins in addition to Outstanding Drama Series, including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Special Visual Effects for the episode "Battle of the Bastards."

Charmian Carr, 'Sound of Music' star dead at 73
Charmian Carr, known for her role as Liesl von Trapp in the film version of The Sound of Music has died at the age of 73.

Carr died Saturday of complications from a rare form of dementia, according to The Los Angeles Times, which cited a statement from her family.

"Charmian Carr played the oldest Von Trapp child, and in some ways she maintained that role in real life -- guiding, cheering, supporting and generally being there for the rest of her 'sisters' and 'brothers,'" said Ted Chapin, president of the Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization who created The Sound of Music in a statement.

"She was a great ambassador, and we had so many good times together... I will miss her ... charm and her spirit," they continued.

Fellow Sound of Music star Kym Karath who portrayed Gretl von Trapp, offered her condolences on Twitter alongside a photo of herself and Carr writing, "One of Charmian's and many happy times together . She has been like a sister throughout my life . Excruciating ."

Carr memorably sang one of the film's classic songs, "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." While The Sound of Music was a huge success, Carr left behind Hollywood afterwards in order to raise her two children. Her only other acting credit includes the 1966 television movie, Evening Primrose, also a musical.

The actress continued to come out for Sound of Music events and sing-along screenings throughout her life however and wrote two books about her experience on the film, Forever Liesl in 2000 and Letters to Liesl in 2001. Later in life she opened up her own interior design firm which listed Michael Jackson among its clientele.

Carr is survived by her two daughters Jennifer and Emily, four siblings and four grandchildren.

"I don't want to be known by the fact that I'm beautiful. I want to be known for the fact that I'm an achiever. Not even an actor. I don't want a label. I don't want a box. I want a legacy."
--Priyanka Chopra, on how she wants to be remembered, to Refinery29

??? Guess Who ???

Which 'Game of Thrones'co-stars revealed their matching tattoos?

Patton Oswalt pays tribute to late wife Michelle McNamara following Emmys win
Patton Oswalt paid tribute to his late wife Michelle McNamara during the Emmys Sunday after winning the award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special.

"I want to share this with two people. My daughter Alice who is waiting at home. And the other one is waiting somewhere else, I hope," he said onstage, referring to McNamara.

Oswalt won the award for his Netflix special, Patton Oswalt: Talking For Clapping.

Backstage, the actor discussed with Entertainment Weekly why he referenced his wife explaining, "Every bit of growth that I've had in my career, especially in my writing and in my performing, came because I met Michelle McNamara."

"Because I met and married this woman who just was so much wiser and self-actualized and aware of life than I was, and that I had convinced myself that I was aware and self-actualized and mature, but then I met the real deal," he continued. "It's just going to be a long, long time before I can be the kind of person that she made me again."

McNamara, a writer, died in her sleep in April at the age of 46. The cause of death has yet to be revealed. In August, Oswalt reflected on his grief following her death on Facebook writing, "Thanks, grief. Thanks for making depression look like the buzzing bully it always was," Oswalt wrote. "Grief makes depression cower behind you and apologize for being such a [expletive]."

"It's 102 days later and I can confidently say I have reached a point where I'm crawling," he said. "Which, objectively, is an improvement. Maybe 102 days later I'll be walking."

"I'm going to start telling jokes again soon. And writing. And acting in stuff and making things I like," the star shared. "It's all I knew how to do before I met Michelle. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do now without her."

The 47-year-old's sense of humor did seem to return, however, following the Emmys as he posted a comedic photo on Twitter of his unorthodox Emmy after party celebration. "This #Emmys after party is off da CHAIN!" he wrote alongside a photo of himself holding a bottle of alcohol alone outside a closed Arby's.

Henry Winkler pays tribute to Garry Marshall at Emmys: 'He had generosity of spirit and knowledge'
Henry Winkler paid tribute to late director and producer Garry Marshall Sunday during the Emmys where he spoke about his life and their friendship.

"I could talk endlessly about the career in TV of the great Garry Marshall ... but to mention him only as a creator of entertainment would leave out 90 percent of the reason that Garry Marshall was one of the most beloved men in the history of our business," Winkler said onstage during the event's In Memoriam segment.

"He created effortlessly. He would have an idea, he would give some thought, and it would come out of his mind like a genie out of a bottle. He was loyal. He had generosity of spirit and knowledge. I should know, he gave me my career," he continued, referring to Happy Days.

During the speech, Winkler also gave an impression of Marshall saying, "Garry would always say, 'Other people make important television. I make recess.' So on behalf of all of us Garry, thank you for inviting us into your schoolyard."

The In Memoriam segment also paid tribute to Morley Safer, Gene Wilder, and Alan Rickman and more.

Marshall died of complications from a stroke in July at the age of 81. Other television classics developed by Marshall include The Odd Couple, Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy. In terms of films, he is known for directing Beaches, Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, and The Princess Diaries.

??? Guess Who ???

Which 'Game of Thrones'co-stars revealed their matching tattoos?

Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams recently celebrated their friendship by getting matching tattoos.

Turner, 20, and Williams, 19, who play sisters Sansa and Arya Stark on the HBO series, showed off their matching ink in sleeveless dresses at the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday.

"We got matching tattoos!" Turner told E! News on the red carpet. "I got it in peach because my mum was like, 'Make sure it doesn't show up!'"

"We were always planning from Season 1, if we make it all the way through, hopefully we can all get a matching wolf or something. But we don't know if we're going to make it, so Maisie and I were like, 'Okay, let's get these ones before anyone kills us,'" she revealed.

Turner and Williams got "07.08.09" tattooed on their forearms to commemorate the date they landed the roles of Sansa and Arya. The co-stars will reprise the characters on Game of Thrones Season 7 in 2017.

"I was actually speechless [when I got the scripts]," Turner told E!. "This season is unbelievable and I think fans are going to be really satisfied. It's crazy."

"I can't even describe this season," she added to TV Line. "It's the best season yet. It's going to be insane. It's gonna be better than last season. When I read the scripts I nearly fell off my chair, I couldn't believe it. Jaw dropped."

Game of Thrones will come to a final close with Season 8 in 2018. Author George R.R. Martin, whose A Song of Ice and Fire book series inspired the show, teased a prequel series at the ceremony.

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