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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

Fuzzy, colorful honey bees do much more than produce honey. Through their daily activities, they pollinate many of the fruits, nuts and vegetables on which humans rely for sustenance. To do this, they need access to plenty of variety in their nectar diet. With many farms planting much of the same crop, likely from exactly the same strain of seeds, their buffet is quickly disappearing.

The Feed a Bee initiative aims to provide bees access to all of the diverse pollen and nectar sources they need to survive and thrive. They plan to plant 50 million flowers, increase bee forage areas, and plant thousands of acres of cover crops.

To do your part for the bees and download the Pollinator Partnership's Bee Smart app, which will guide you in selecting plants for pollinators specific to your area. Request your free seeds on the Feed a Bee website, or ask them to plant seeds of their choice on your behalf. It's free to get your seed packet by selecting clicking on the "Send me a free seed packet" link and submitting your address through the link below.

Click Here to Get: Free Feed a Bee Seed Packet

Philosophy is devoted to caring for your skin. They offer some of the finest, most well-respected, innovative skin care available today. As advanced skin care experts, their revolutionary formulas address multiple skin concerns in order to help you achieve a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.

Philosophy's Live Joyously was developed using a rich and refined blend of fragrance oils. The result is a finer, longer-lasting scent available in several forms for layering to your heart's content. Click to receive a free sample and see the difference for yourself.

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NIVEA is the world's largest skin care brand which uses ingredients inspired by nature to work in harmony with skin, body and life to make you look and feel more beautiful. Founded on years of research, NIVEA focuses on the structure and function of the skin searching for new ways to support beautiful, healthy looking skin.

Choose a free lotion sample that's right for you.

Smooth Sensation - Nourishes dry skin, leaving it touchably soft and smooth. Enriched with Shea Butter.

Extended Moisture - Get up to 48 hours of relief for dry, tight skin. Enriched with Provitamin B5.

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Mrs. Cubbison's offers scrumptious stuffings, croutons, crunchy toppings and more. Visit the Mrs. Cubbison's Facebook page to participate in their croutons, tortilla stripes and stuffing giveaway. Ends 3/28/15.

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All My Best,

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