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One of the few essential oils most people can identify by smell alone; eucalyptus is very popular because of its effectiveness and range of uses.

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Hint 1: Air Cleanser

Try putting a few drops into your vacuum and clothes dryer filters to freshen them up and sanitize them a little. Also, it's great for killing mold in your home, and you can mix eucalyptus with other oils like clove and tea tree oil to cleanse the air and maintain a mold-free home.


Hint 2: Many aromatherapists use eucalyptus oil for their remedies.

The inhalation of the sweet-smelling oil helps relax the body. You can add a few drops of the essential oil to a hot bath. The steam and the aroma will help you calm down. Eucalyptus oil isn't water soluble and you will need to mix it with a dispersant before you add it to the water. Whole milk or bath salts are the best dispersants for eucalyptus essential oil.

Hint 3: Relaxes Sore Muscles

Eucalyptus oil can be used in relaxing or therapeutic
massages. Just add few drops of this essential oil to
coconut or almond oil and apply on skin with a gentle rubbing motion.

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