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This item is a big hit in our office. These Refrigerator Drawer
Liners do every bit of what they claim.

It will double the life of your fruits and vegetables, but
another thing I like about it... it keeps your fridge drawers
cleaner. It's so easy to pull these out and clean them. No more
having to take that bulky drawer out and struggle with cleaning it.

Refrigerator Drawer Liners
Double The Life of Fruits & Veggies & Keep Your Fridge Cleaner...

Normal Price: $9.99
Get Two for: $4.98

Made of a plush layer of reticulated foam with a unique open cell
design that allows air to circulate freely-prevents spoiling caused
by excess moisture, retains crispness and prevents bruising.

They are made from the same material supermarkets use to ensure
longer life for fruits and vegetables.

Each package contains (4) pads that are easy to use. Easy to install
simply trim a pad to fit the size of each bin. Each pad is approximately =

10.5" x 13".

And YES they can be cleaned and reused... to clean, just wash with a
little soapy water and rinse under tap.

- Easily Washable
- Long Lasting
- Doubles Life of Fruits & Vegetables
- Made in U.S.A.

Grab one set of four (4) for $5.99 or save an additional $2.00 and ge=
two sets (8 pads) for $9.98

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