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A study from Journal of Sleep says women who climb into bed with cold feet take 10 - some times 20 - minutes longer to fall asleep. A warmer skin temperature triggers mechanisms in your body that tell it to go to sleep.

Don't just throw socks on. Throw them in the dryer for
5 minutes first. The journal Physiology & Behavior reports
women who wear toasty socks to bed fall asleep significantly faster than those in non-heated socks. The warmth sends 'go-to-sleep; signals faster to the brain.

I'm totally trying this in the next few days. It takes me
forever to fall asleep, and to stay asleep all night - well, that's another problem. I'll let you all know if this works for me next week.

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Coconut oil can help restore you old worn leather jacket or vest

If you're rocking a leather coat or some sweet leather pants, give leather apparel new life by rubbing them down with coconut oil to clean and condition and restore lost sheen.


Hint 2: Don't throw out those rusty knives out just yet, try restoring them first

Clean rusty knives. Jab a dirty knife into a large raw onion and -- presto! -- no more rust!

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