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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Good morning crew,

When we first started living together I was a little perplexed by some of the unusual habits my wife has in the kitchen. Well, last weekend I got an education.

We stopped by my in-laws' house to spend a few hours with them on Father's Day and my mother-in-law decided to make her fried chicken tenders and noodles recipe for lunch. A pretty good meal. She even makes the 'noodles' from scratch.

So my father-in-law, the wife, and I were sitting around the kitchen table talking, while my mother-in-law laboured away at the kitchen sink a few feet away going through her preparations.

At first I didn't pay too much attention to what she was doing, but my eyes were slowly dragged to the unusual manipulations she was going through. It's not that she didn't know what she was doing, it was more like watching a carpenter who figured out how to drive nails with a wrench.

First, she opened the packages of seasoned chicken breasts in the sink and began washing them under the tap. When I asked her why she was washing all of the seasoning off the chicken she said she didn't like seasoning, but these packages were on sale, so she got them anyway. Well, it's hard for me to criticize a little thriftiness.

But after she had a pile of freshly scrubbed breasts, she began cutting them up into chunks right in the bottom of the sink. No cutting board necessary. And because the bottom of a kitchen sink is a rather restrictive space, she was using a little paring knife instead of a carving knife or a chef's knife.

Then, as she cut each chunk, she began arranging them around the edge of the sink - in order to let the water drain off of them I assume - since I couldn't see any other reason for this. It was a close thing too, because she made four big chicken breasts and she was starting to run out of room around the edge of the sink. She was forced to precariously balance a couple pieces on top of the faucet.

"Why don't you just pile them on a plate?" I asked.

"This way I don't have to dirty any extra dishes," she explained to me as if I were a little slow.

But there was a method to her madness, and eventually all of the nuggets got dredged in eggs and flour and made it into a frying pan without too much incident. And like I mentioned earlier, it turned out pretty good.

Now I may or may not have imagined it, but I thought there was a very subtle grittiness to the chicken which I really hoped wasn't Comet Cleanser.

Laugh it up,


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"In Virginia recently, a computer crash wiped out a decade's worth of U.S. military data. However, this morning, the Chinese government called and said no problem, we backed it up." -Conan O'Brien


"Kim Kardashian appears nude on the current cover of 'GQ,' with the headline 'Kim as you've never seen her.' Which I can only assume means in a library?" -Jimmy Fallon


"A company has created a line of non-alcoholic wines for cats containing catnip, water, and organic beet juice for owners who want to drink with their pets. Said the cats, "Yeah, I'd love to, but I actually have a thing tonight.'" -Seth Meyers


A weeping woman bursts into her hypnotherapist's office and declares, "Doctor, I have been faithful to my husband for 15 years, but yesterday I broke that trust and had an affair! The guilt is killing me. I just want to forget that it ever happened!"

The hypnotherapist shakes his head and says. "Not again..."

*-------------- Guaranteed to Roll Your Eyes --------------*

A blind man was describing his favorite sport, parachuting. When asked how this was accomplished, he said that things were all done for him: "I am placed in the door and told when to jump. My hand is placed on my release ring for me, and out I go."

"But how do you know when you are going to land?" he was asked.

"I have a very keen sense of smell and I can smell the trees and grass when I am 300 feet from the ground" he answered.

"But how do you know when to lift your legs for the final arrival on the ground?" he was again asked.

The man quickly answered. "Oh, the dog's leash goes slack."

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