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It's been a tough few weeks for me.
It's not Spanglish.
Maybe things will turn around.
What happens when there are no more weekends?
No money, opportunity, motivation, or justification.
Don't forget to call me.
It takes all the fun out of being sick.
When I want your opinion I'll squeeze your head.
That's my sales style... negligent.
I got a new job.
It's all for the wombats.
Boats, motorcycles and women.
Hey look. Money.
Really bad joke day.
Those halcyon days of 4-and-a-half months ago.
Not exactly house guests.
What can I say? I'm sensitive.
I finally figured out how to play golf.
It'll be hard getting my swing back.
Mostly nuts.
Do you ever feel frisky around figs?
A work in progress.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
This train will stop at Tucumcari.
The cure for the apocalypse.
It's all about quality of life.
I looked like I was about to rob a train.
I hope you're not superstitious.
Part deux.
Throwing caution to the wind on Independence Day.
An error in judgment on my part.
Tomorrow will be the real challenge.
That's what I get for opening my mouth.
Drinking and texting.
Apparently life was just setting me up.
What a bunch of losers.
Like I needed to feel any worse about myself.
Something to look forward to.
I don't think everybody is taking this mask business seriously.
Only the important stuff.
Some people just aren't cut out for charcoal.
20 bucks is 20 bucks.
If it's on fire it's already too late.
That's a long time to go without a martini.
I'm always amazed by what I don't know.
That's one I've never heard before.
How my lifestyle has evolved, or maybe devolved.
Did I miss spring again?
We only have 119 days.