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A dollar only stretches so far.
Is washing your dog with nuts, nuts?
An addiction is an addiction.
We got lucky on Independence Day.
Has everybody recovered?
That's a bad bet in anybody's book.
Talk about bad timing.
Here's something to wine about.
I need some good chicken ideas.
It's kind of fun being the focus of attention.
This will be a first for me.
Teaching is like bringing a light into a dark room.
Getting my pockets filled.
Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the good times?
A new party record.
Why does everything have to be so complicated?
A second 'wedding'.
There's never an easy solution.
The joys of homeownership.
The weather refuses to cooperate.
A little rain never killed anybody, a tornado on the other hand...
Sometimes you've gotta stick your neck out on a limb.
There are some things you should only do when you're alone.
Who doesn't love a garage sale?
Seedless chickens.
Usually I'm experimental, but not when it comes to this.
I found some 'hidden' storage space I never knew I had.
I don't know if kids have changed or if I have.
It's not as fun as smoking, but it IS a lot faster.
Playing with fire and drinking beer.
There's a first time for everything.
Wish me luck.
What old Joe was like as a young buck.
I have a real 'man cave' now.
I've cooked out in worse.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
The egg fiasco.
How much trouble can you get into coloring Easter eggs?
Have you reached 'that age'?
A spring blizzard.
My good deed for the week.
The secret chicken wing recipe.
An early cookout takes its toll.
The 'big kids' got nothing on me.
I always knew martial arts would pay off.
That poor, little dog HATES grooming.
Living the high life.
Is this some kind of female thinking I don't understand?
Paying the piper.
The secret to my (lack) of success.