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The dog's life.
The worst job ever.
The purpose of a dog's death.
The joy of outdoor cooking.
One of the consequences of getting old and fat.
It's only funny to me.
That's a lot of meat.
Keeping up appearances.
Who's the boss?
The problem with day drinking.
A real man is not afraid of a new experience.
Whatever it takes to make a point, no matter how stupid.
We survived the weekend.
The only way to lose weight while drinking beer.
One way to deal with a heat wave.
A dollar only stretches so far.
Is washing your dog with nuts, nuts?
An addiction is an addiction.
We got lucky on Independence Day.
Has everybody recovered?
That's a bad bet in anybody's book.
Talk about bad timing.
Here's something to wine about.
I need some good chicken ideas.
It's kind of fun being the focus of attention.
This will be a first for me.
Teaching is like bringing a light into a dark room.
Getting my pockets filled.
Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the good times?
A new party record.
Why does everything have to be so complicated?
A second 'wedding'.
There's never an easy solution.
The joys of homeownership.
The weather refuses to cooperate.
A little rain never killed anybody, a tornado on the other hand...
Sometimes you've gotta stick your neck out on a limb.
There are some things you should only do when you're alone.
Who doesn't love a garage sale?
Seedless chickens.
Usually I'm experimental, but not when it comes to this.
I found some 'hidden' storage space I never knew I had.
I don't know if kids have changed or if I have.
It's not as fun as smoking, but it IS a lot faster.
Playing with fire and drinking beer.
There's a first time for everything.
Wish me luck.
What old Joe was like as a young buck.
I have a real 'man cave' now.
I've cooked out in worse.