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Cursed ceramic tiles?
Uh oh. It's March and you know what that means...
5 bucks is 5 bucks.
I'm making myself a promise.
College life.
Tax time.
Garage fantasies.
This is getting a little ridiculous.
Anybody have any special Valentine's Day plans?
Waste not, want not.
Happy birthday.
I think the wife's dog is neurotic.
Who knows what the 6 simple machines are?
Plow rage.
The wife's poor, little mutt.
Is it just me, or are the seasons running late?
Guess who's back.
You may not hear from me come Monday.
Shepherd's pie or honey-glazed duck breasts?
You can't live in debt forever.
A sure-fire cure for the mid-winter doldrums.
I actually enjoy the boredom.
Another victim of the pandemic.
They took all of the fun out of throwing money away.
The Christmas haul.
It's like coming back to a life I left behind.
What my philosophy has always been.
Stranger things have happened on a New Year's Eve.
Do you really lose 50 percent of your body heat through your head?
Gold, frankincense and booze.
Who has time for sugar-plums?
We are definitely getting our money's worth.
Dealing with my seasonal affective disorder.
I like your P.P.
My kind of cooking.
Wine, wine, wine.
It's no secret who's the best Santa.
Cooking isn't always a chore.
There is a season for everything.
The 24 fuzzy days of Christmas.
I'm not going to be the neighborhood Scrooge this year.
Angry shopping is a better spectator sport.
The secret to a good turkey and everything else in life.
It feels odd having my Thanksgiving done early.
I'm looking forward to testing my skill again.
A pre-Thanksgiving.
It has been one tough week.
That's what I get for trying to be responsible.
Smoking is trickier than I thought.
I'm in the mood for an experiment.