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Celebrating the spirit of the season.
Something always goes wrong, and something always goes right.
Too much of a good thing.
Is it February yet?
Uh oh.
Is 14 percent a lot?
What would the neighbors think?
You don't have to be a mountain man to appreciate one of these.
Boy did I learn a lesson this weekend.
Who am I to judge?
Knowing when to decorate.
Let the battle party begin.
There's no denying it now.
Another Halloween in the books.
Thank the Celts.
That's gratitude for you.
I thought I had this party thing figured out.
Haunted Oktoberfest.
It's definitely a challenge getting out of bed in the morning.
This would have been a stupid way to die.
Excitement isn't everything.
A small price to pay.
Do you have a preferred nostril?
The dog run.
We survived another weekend.
I have a prediction.
I must have a macabre streak in me.
The weekends keep trickling away.
Fall is not wasting any time.
That's what I get for saying yes.
It was one of those weekends.
It looks like I'm in for one more party.
Carpentry or debauchery?
That's extortion.
This weekend kicks off Oktoberfest season.
A 3-day-long party.
The summer vibe is over, but not before one last hurrah.
If the question is whether to party or not: I choose party.
Divide and conquer.
Thanks a lot public education.
That's just my luck.
Torture for a little kid, and as an adult.
Where there's smoke there's fire.
I can't afford to do anything stupid.
It'll be just like going back to college.
It's a vicious circle.
The Ren Faire revisited... again.
Sorry I'm late.