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It looks like I'm in for one more party.
Carpentry or debauchery?
That's extortion.
This weekend kicks off Oktoberfest season.
A 3-day-long party.
The summer vibe is over, but not before one last hurrah.
If the question is whether to party or not: I choose party.
Divide and conquer.
Thanks a lot public education.
That's just my luck.
Torture for a little kid, and as an adult.
Where there's smoke there's fire.
I can't afford to do anything stupid.
It'll be just like going back to college.
It's a vicious circle.
The Ren Faire revisited... again.
Sorry I'm late.
A fun afternoon at the fest.
How do I get talked into these things?
Go mushroom compote.
I'm starting to get that frantic feeling.
Summer's already half over.
Collateral damage.
My first run of the year.
Hair of the pup.
Chasing the dollar.
What's fun without a little suffering?
There's stupid, and then there's dangerous.
I've got to hand it to my local pharmacist.
A welcomed change of pace.
Knives out in Branson.
The wife has her own way of doing things.
The dreaded day after.
A more perfect day you couldn't ask for.
No time for dawdling.
On the road again.
The perfect breakfast.
Traveling isn't as easy as it used to be.
It's summertime, summertime, sum... sum... summertime.
The hardest part about doing laundry.
All that effort for nothing.
The real challenge involved with golfing.
We've suffered another loss.
An enjoyable and successful anniversary.
Ahoy polloi.
Busy equals expensive.
Happy Memorial Day to everyone.
Who knows? You might get lucky.
A labor of love is still mostly labor.