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Hello Everyone,

I know many of you are not going to like where my column is heading, but...anywho!

I am trying to get on the ball this year with my Christmas
shopping. Yes, people, it is fast approaching. Instead of
waiting until the last minute, like I do every year, I want
to get most of my gifts bought before the first of Decemeber.

I want to, for the first time, really enjoy the holiday season instead of rushing around with the crowds at the stores.

Today, I wanted to share with you a great gift idea for any
young boys that are on your shopping list. The tumble buggy...

Boys love cars, boys love remote control toys, boys love
ramming toys into walls...this does it all!

It rumbles and tumbles and doesn't stop. Ram it against the wall and it simply will climb up and it will flip itself

Go check out the and all the young boys will
love this gift this year.

Tumble Buggy Just $7.99

Handy Hints Holly
Email your favorite hints


Hint 1: A vacuum cleaner is designed for floors, but does
double-duty in the kitchen, too.

After vacuuming floors, use the extension wand to suck up crumbs from refrigerator bins and shelves, remove grit from the corner of drawers and cabinets, or clear fuzz from the refrigerator's condenser coils.


Hint 2:

Books bring joy to a reader's heart ... and they're also
great sound-proofing devices! Place tall bookcases against
thinner walls to cut sound transmission between rooms.

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