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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

What scares me most about this story is how this doctor discovered he could increase women's ability to have an orgasm. But I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit.

Fairhope, Alabama is home to a Dr. Charles Runels, and he claims to have found a simple procedure that will drastically increase a woman's ability to have an orgasm.

Here's how it works; he extracts PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, from a woman's blood (usually taken from her arm). He then re-inserts it into the clitoris and the ceiling of her vagina with a syringe.

That's right, he injects women's clits with their own plasma.

And according to Dr. Runels the therapy is a huge success. He claims that since 2011 he has treated more than 20,000 women and has had an 85 percent success rate.

His detractors say the results are nothing more than a placebo effect.

But some of the testimonials are pretty convincing. Some women have claimed that they went from being practically unable to have an orgasm to ejaculating when they climax. I guess that would be worth having your clit shot full of blood.

So how did Dr. Lovejoy discover he could perform this miracle on women? He started by injecting his own junk with blood.

In my opinion you have to be more than a little twisted to be sitting around your office one afternoon and think to yourself, 'I think I'll shoot my dick up with blood.'

But apparently it worked. Because one day his girlfriend (at the time) asked him to try the procedure on her, and after the two of them had explosive, blood-engorged sex, the O-Shot, as he calls it, was born.

So what do you think, ladies, would an explosive orgasm be worth having your clitoris and vagina shot full of blood?


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*--- Inventor Shows Off Air Conditioned Suit ---*

A Louisiana inventor came up with an innovative, if impractical, way to beat the summer heat -- an air conditioned bodysuit. A video posted to YouTube shows a man in a hazmat-style bodysuit with only his hands outside of the garment. The suit is puffed out like a balloon due to an air hose attached to an air conditioning unit, which is in turn connected to a gas-powered engine. The invention might be keeping the man cool, but its portability is limited due to the equipment he has to pull around in a wagon. The uploader said the suit can also be heated for the winter and includes a dehumidifier function. The test took place "in a 114-degree heat index ambient atmosphere of Louisiana." The cure for cancer can't be far off.


*----- This Is What You Call a Sore Loser -----*

A man was arrested on a charge of stalking after allegedly mailing dead animals to a teacher who was hired instead of the suspect, according to police in Indiana. French Lick police said that they have arrested 40-year-old Travis Tarrants, after being accused of harassing the new teacher and his fiancee. Tarrants was charged with stalking, intimidation and criminal mischief. According to the police investigation, Tarrants applied for a teaching job at the Springs Valley School Corporation. His application was rejected, and school officials hired another man. Tarrants immediately began harassing the new teacher and his fiancee. He mailed the couple multiple dead animals, including skunks and raccoons. Tarrants then sent multiple letters to the school, claiming that the new teacher was having sex with a 15-year-old girl. He then left a voicemail on the couple's phone, threatening to kill the fiancee and her baby.

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Lewis, It's not unusual for a bride to be late. And thats the reason she is the bride. -Joe
[No, it's not. But it is unusual for a bride to hitchhike to her own wedding, and that's why the story was in BN.]

Isn't it strange how people who get caught doing illegal things all of a sudden "find God"? They couldn't be trying to influence the judge of their trial, could they? Big F'ing sarcasm anywhere you'd like to put it. -Gary

These people who decide to test a bullet proof vest should watch that cable TV series "Mythbusters" sometime. The guys on the show would test a bullet proof vest by wrapping it around a pig carcass acquired from a slaughterhouse and then examining both the vest and the carcass after firing shots from a high powered gun. You never use any live person when testing anything potentially lethal. -R.S.

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