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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A teenager was arrested after he managed to get some information about sexy workers at Hooters in an clever, albeit illegal way.

Police in Michigan, said that the teenager pretended to be a police officer when he entered the store.

18-year-old Nicholas M. Fuhst is accused of impersonating a police officer in order to get the personal information so he can cozy up to Hooters waitresses on Facebook.

Fuhst walked into the Hooters in Kochville Township, and announced that he was an undercover officer. He then asked to see a list of all the people who worked there.

Because apparently Kochville has a habit of hiring teenaged undercover detectives.

He took some time to look over the list and he circled the names of the women he was interested in. He then asked for more information on those specific employees.

That is when workers began to be suspicious and called police.

"He indicated that he went to Hooters because he wanted to talk to the women to see if they would be friends with him on Facebook," Chief Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Boyd said.

Fuhst was arrested, and he faces up to four years in prison for the felony charge of impersonating a police officer.


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*-- Canadian Gunman was Really Terminator Cutout --*

Police in Canada shared that an alert about a man with a gun turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. Toronto police tweeted an update about a man with a gun, as they reported police were on the scene with no injuries. The post was updated about eight minutes later as police reported that the "man" was actually a cardboard cutout of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from Terminator. "Grange Ave and Augusta Ave police on scene have located a Terminator cutout holding a gun," they wrote. Police poked some fun at the situation by ending the post with the hashtag #IllBeBack.


*------------------- Open Wide -------------------*

You have heard about surgeons occasionally leaving an instrument or a sponge inside of a patient, but if you thought you would be safe from this kind of mishap at the dentist, think again. An Illinois man was awarded $675,000 after a tool his dentist misplaced during a root canal turned up inside his body a few days later. Janus Pawlowicz said he went to his long-time dentist, Dr. Beata Kozar-Warchalowska in Des Plaines, about two years ago for a root canal procedure, and the dentist told him after the surgery that one of her tools had gone missing. "The dentist, on the day of the procedure, knew that she dropped a tool but didn't know what happened to it. She looked around the room and couldn't find it," said Rob Kohen, Pawlowicz's attorney said. "She told me when she found it, she will be calling me," Pawlowicz said. However, he said he never received a phone call, and a few days later he was hospitalized with sharp pains in his stomach. Doctors discovered the dentist's missing tool had fallen down Pawlowicz's throat and ended up lodged in his stomach. The tool, called a barbed breach, was removed via emergency surgery.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Lewis: The formula for the circumference of a circle is 3.14 (or pi), times the diameter, not the radius. Therefore, to walk around the world one mile from a pole is two times 3.14 miles, or 6.28 miles.
[Thanks to Euclid for this refresher in Freshman geometry.]

Lewis, Did you watch the video of Mr. Aikins jump? He did not land dead center in the net. He was dangerously close to the right edge. Wonder what he pays for insurance? -Joe in NJ
[Yeah, I did. And yeah, he was a little off center, but still pretty good after falling for almost two solid minutes. And I doubt he had insurance for this little stunt.]

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