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Bizarre News - September 21, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A Pennsylvania state trooper says an extremely drunk woman met him at the door wearing underpants and holding two yellow roses she wanted him to accept as part of her "cop fantasy" -- that's all before he charged her with drunken driving instead.

Trooper Thomas Laskey went to a residence after a motorist reported they were following a car that had been driving erratically on Interstate 99.

Laskey says 40-year-old Monica Barnhart answered the door and matched the description he had of the driver -- except that she had taken off her blue jeans and was wearing only underpants.

Police say Barnhart eventually acknowledged driving the car and that her blood alcohol content was more than four times the legal limit for drivers.

No word on whether he helper her fulfill her fantasy.


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*-- Hotel provides framed photos of Jeff Goldblum at guest's request --*

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - A hotel provided several framed photos of actor Jeff Goldblum in a guest's room to honor his strange request. Seth Freedland, a speechwriter for Nike, showed off the framed photos in a Facebook post during his stay at the Huntley Hotel in California. "When I made my reservation at the Huntley, I was asked if there was anything else they could do to make my stay more comfortable," Freedland wrote. "I thought about it, and thought about what might delight the [girlfriend], and asked if they might be able to place a few framed photos of Jeff Goldblum in the room." Freedland said he was unsure if the request would be honored, but arrived to find three different photos of Goldblum at various points in his career. A photo of a young Goldblum was placed on one of the nightstands, while two more recent pictures of the actor were placed on a desk and in the bathroom. Freedland also shared a photo of his girlfriend smiling while holding one of the photos.

* Darth Vader picks up trash alongside adopted Virginia highway *

BLACKSBURG, Va. - A Virginia man who adopted a stretch of highway under the name Darth Vader donned the costume of the Star Wars character while cleaning up roadside trash. Darth Vader, aka Henry Wakley, was spotted Thursday wearing a version of the Sith Lord's costume with an orange reflective vest at the side of Route 460 in Blacksburg. Wakley adopted the stretch of highway last year and a sign at the side of the road states it was adopted by "Darth Vader." Wakley, who spends most of his time in New Zealand on business, said he decided to don Darth Vader's robes and pick up some trash while in town for a couple of weeks. "I like to get out here and dress up because it makes people smile driving by," Wakley told WSBS-TV. "The lack of cleanliness disrupts me." Wakley said he hopes using the Dark Side of the Force for good will inspire others to keep their roads clean. "We need to end this destructive behavior to restore the galaxy," Wakley said. He said he had a humorous run-in with police this week when someone reported "Batman" walking along the side of the highway, but officers arrived to find Darth Vader doing his civic duty. The Virginia Department of Transportation thanked Vader for his service to the community. "VDOT Salem District would like to thank Darth Vader for helping us keep our roadways 'in the galaxy' clean. He took a break on Friday from his busy schedule and used the force to pick up trash along Route 460 in Blacksburg, a highway he adopted as part of the Adopt-a-Highway Program," the department said in a Facebook post.


About the O-shot...I can't help but see this eventually going to the porn industry. Of course, I don't watch porn (anymore). --Chris (Yeah, and I don't watch it any less.)
[It either goes to porn or comes from porn. That's just how the world works.]

I think you missed Joe's attempt at a "pregnancy causes marriage" type of joke. Was it too subtle for you? or did you choose to ignore it? --Tim
[Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't really pay any attention to your email.]



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