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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

I realize that since the economy has been improving (supposedly), lenders are being a bit more generous with their terms, but even still, approving a personal loan to buy meth seems a little risky.

Maybe that's why police in South Carolina arrested 58-year-old Grady Carson after he walked into Carolina Title Loans office in Spartanburg to secure a loan against his vehicle.

According to its web site, the loan company provides "fast cash to deal with an unexpected expense" and charges interest rates that begin at 96 percent.

But that didn't deter Carson.

A Carolina Title Loans employee told police that Carson--who was pacing as he filled out paperwork--told her he "needed the money to purchase meth."

Since her manager was at another store, the worker "faxed a help letter" to the second employee, who contacted police.

When officers arrived at the loan business, Carson was handcuffed and a search of his pockets turned up "a glass container with a off white rock like substance inside." Carson, cops noted, "stated it was cocaine but he was not going to smoke it because he did meth."

Carson was charged with narcotics possession and booked into the county jail.


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*-- Being Polite to Cop Leads to Man's Arrest --*

Politely holding a door open for a police officer has landed a Massachusetts man in jail. Authorities say Kayvon Mavaddat was at the Natick Mall when he held the door for the leaving officer. That officer thought Mavaddat looked familiar, and went to check his cruiser's computer. The officer found there were three warrants out for his arrest. The officer returned to the mall and arrested Mavaddat. 28-year-old Mavaddat was held without bail at his arraignment when his probation officer told the judge he routinely skips court dates, court-ordered drug tests and fails to pay probation fees.


*-- Fake Cop Tases Man In Road Rage Incident --*

A Massachusetts woman is facing charges after police say she pretended to be a police officer and tased a man in a road rage incident. Police received a report from a man and his girlfriend saying Shunae Allen, 35, was "riding their bumper and honking her horn while frantically flashing her lights." Allen allegedly followed the couple as they pulled over into a parking lot. Witnesses told police they saw Allen and the man arguing. The man told police Allen approached their car, opened the front passenger door where he was seated and tased him before telling them she was a police officer with a license to carry. Police arrested Allen but were not able to find the taser. She is charged with impersonating a police officer and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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That story about the guy that jumped into the lion pen, it said that he took off his clothes and started to attract the lions. How did he manage that? Was he doing a seductive dance or was it just on sight alone? --Curious
[Think about it; when you order a chicken breast do you want it served with the feathers still on?]

Hey, Lewis...About the reporter who was arrested for using someone's yard as his toilet....would you say that he was that station's #2 man? -Steve

Are you promoting addvertisment scams in your email Bizarre news now? I thought you had integrity?
[Integrity I've got. What I need is a little revenue. Advertising is what makes all of our publications free. In fact, there has been advertising in our newsletters (including BN) ever since we started publishing. I don't know why you're getting upset now.]

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