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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

There are a lot of arguments for and against the legalization of certain illicit drugs. The drug with the most traction being marijuana. With recreational marijuana use now legal in four states (and medical marijuana in a number of others) it looks like Mary-Jane is slowly winning.

And while I will not make any moral judgements either way, I will say that if marijuana is still illegal in your state, you should at least avoid smoking it in public, where you might be observed, especially by police, like in a police station parking lot.

This logic apparently never occurred to Elizabeth Klebba. Earlier this year the 21-year-old Chicago woman was in a car directly behind the police station in Riverside, IL. She was there waiting for a friend who was inside to recover a vehicle towed after a DUI arrest.

It was at this time that young Elizabeth decided to spark one up.

An officer saw the woman sitting in the driver's seat with a window down and smelled marijuana coming from inside. When he asked Klebba if she had weed in the car, she said there was.

Even so, she still might have avoided the arrest if she weren't parked in a spot marked "police parking only" which is what drew the officer's attention in the first place.

During the officers search of the vehicle, he found 2 containers of cannabis and a glass one hitter. A field test applied to the plant matter rendered a positive result and Elizabeth was arrested for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and. of course, improper parking.

"This was probably the easiest cannabis arrest ever made by the Riverside Police Department," Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said.


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*-- These Are the Voyages of Boaty McBoatface --*

The Natural Environment Research Council doesn't know how the Internet works. The British Research Council that supports research, training and education in the environmental sciences went to the Internet to name their brand new polar research vessel. The idea was supposed to be a goodwill campaign to generate public interest and support of the NERC and its programs. Unfortunately for them, the name the Internet chose for the 200m Euro ship was RRS Boaty McBoatface. In fact, Boaty McBoatface received 124,109 votes, four times more than the second-placed name. However, the chief executive of the NERC, Duncan Wingham, will have the final say in the naming of the boat, so it is unlikely RRS Boaty McBoatface will ever weigh anchor. Science minister Jo Johnson said, "We want a name that lasts longer than a social media news cycle and reflects the serious nature of the science it will be doing." So much for the power of social media.


*-------- Stripper Triggers Security Alert --------*

MAINZ, Germany — A male stripper sparked panic in Frankfurt's red-light district after being spotted with what appeared to be an assault rifle and bullet-proof vest emblazoned with FBI. "A significant number" of police officers were deployed to the area after Saturday night's sighting, officials said. The 30-year-old Hungarian man was later found in a table-dance bar, where he revealed the suspicious items were part of the costume for his act. The weapon turned out to be a plastic replica, according to a police statement. After a delay, the stripper was permitted to perform, "but whether his act was a success, is not known," police added.


*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Too bad that drone wasn't flying around the home of the woman who owned a gun from a few issues back. She could have just shot it down. -Chris
[I just read in the news that a judge in Kentucky dismissed all charges against a guy who did just that. He was arrested for wanton endangerment and criminal mischief, but the judge said the drone was an invasion of privacy. Might have had something to do with the guy's 16-year-old daughter who was sunbathing in the backyard.]

Lewis, did you see this one... "The revelation that a local bed and breakfast was catering to patrons into bondage, dominance and sado-masochism has left neighbours agog in a small town in northern Nova Scotia. Kelly McAlear and Leslie Ogle of Stellarton opened the Euphoria B&B in September, but they closed the business last month when police learned they didn't have a proper permit."
[So it was a B&D B&B?]

The couple with the owl got off lucky. Owls are predators. Imagine if it got the idea that the bride's hair piece or tiara was something it could eat!

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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