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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A TSA agent was arrested on a charge of voyeurism after allegedly recording up the skirt of a woman on an airport escalator, according to police in Washington.

The Seattle Police Department said that they have arrested 29-year-old Nicholas Fernandez, after being seen using a phone to record a video up the skirt of a woman who was riding on an escalator.

Fernandez was charged with one count of voyeurism. He was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $7,500. Fernandez has been removed from screening duties, and he has been suspended without pay.

According to the police, an investigation was launched after a man spotted the TSA agent recording a video up the skirt of a woman.

The man called the police, and officers began watching Fernandez at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. An officer saw Fernandez taking a break from a checkpoint around 11:30 a.m.

He then followed a woman up an escalator, where he activated a cellphone flashlight and appeared to be taking a video of the woman.


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*-------- When Dinner Comes to Your Door --------*

Residents of a Baltimore apartment complex received a visit from a pair of bulls that escaped from a local slaughterhouse on Friday morning. The bulls escaped from the Old Line Custom Meat Company and found their way into the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex around 7 a.m. Baltimore police arrived on the scene and used portable gates along with the complex's "natural barriers" to temporarily trap the bulls. "They were able to get some fencing over here to fence them in and we had them contained," Baltimore Police spokesman reported. "However, the bulls knocked over the fencing a couple of times, so we had to move people back." The bulls were finally captured by about 10:30 a.m., before temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees. No one was hurt in the incident.


*---------------- Udderly Gross ----------------*

A new mother got revenge against a milk thief at work by replacing the liquid with her breast milk, according to a photo that was uploaded to the Internet. The woman, who was not identified, said that she was fed up with the person taking her milk from the fridge at work so she decided to take revenge and hopefully deter others from stealing. After replacing the milk with her breast milk, the woman wrote a note and placed it on the bottle to let the thief know what he really drank with his coffee. The note stated: "Good morning. To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week. Surprise. You've been drinking my breast milk. Hope you've enjoyed it. Cheers." The woman however, added that she has some good new for the thief as her breast milk is organic and all natural versus the milk that was originally in the bottle.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Maybe Joshua Long had seen enough of the "Wizard Of Oz" to know he needed to get a brain, but not enough to know that he couldn't be the Scarecrow on the trip. Or maybe he thought the "trip" would come after he got the brain. -Tom.

Lewis, About the Rio incident. You never know how a man will react when he sees an old flame. -Joe in NJ

Those folks went about it the wrong way. In order to put out the Olympic Flame, you have to give Superman a chunk of lab-made Kryptonite with tar instead of the "unknown" substance in it. That'll make him evil and he'll blow it out.
[And then Richard Pryor (whose character invented the artificial Kryptonite) set himself on fire while free-basing. Weird...]

Lewis, if you turn your shower into a flame broiler like you suggested, don't forget to switch it back before the wife's next shower!
[Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon.]

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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