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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A little harmless recreation is a lot less harmless than it used to be. Even sunbathing on the beach can be fraught with dangers, and I'm not talking about sunburn or melanoma.

A woman who was lying out on a beach in Louisiana was hospitalized and needed surgery after being run over by a police officer.

Officer Norris Esponge Jr. was driving a police pickup truck on a beach when he ran over 24-year-old Lindsey Gordon. She and her cooler were dragged a few feet before her friend screamed for the officer to stop driving.

Gordon suffered a shattered pelvis and internal bleeding. She underwent multiple surgeries.

Grand Isle Police said that the initial investigation shows that the officer was not under the influence while driving. He allegedly drove around her one time, and he did not see anyone on the beach. However, when he came around the second time, the officer did not notice the woman and he drove over her.

"I just can't see how he could not see them laying there," Gordon's mother Suzanne Baggett said.

The Grand Isle Police is investigating the incident involving one of their own, but the Gordon family is now demanding that the case should be turned over to the Louisiana State Police.

At least with the settlement she will get Lindsey will be able to afford to lay out on beaches in Cancun or Jamaica, I mean, after the body cast comes off and she's finished with the rehabilitation.


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*- God Has Come and It's Not Who You Expected -*

13-year-old Muhammad Raihan from the Indonesian village of Mamburung on the island of Borneo suffers from a rare genetic condition called Werewolf Syndrome which causes his hands, legs, back and stomach to be covered in hair. But Muhammad has turned down medical treatment for his ultra rare condition because he thinks it's a blessing from God. In fact, the boy is revered as a Hindu deity in his Indonesian village because of his unusually thick, three inch long black hair which practically covers his entire body. Muhammed faces name-calling from some peers who liken him to Hindu monkey god Hanuman. But the devout Muslim, who lives with his widowed mother and four siblings, is unfazed with the name-calling and considers himself to be God's special child. Muhammed said: "I am not bothered with such attention - some people laugh at me, others just come to me for a blessing. They think I am a god or have special powers, but this attention is okay because I know I look different."


*-- 149 Daredevils Jump From Bridge for Record --*

HORTOLANDIA, Brazil - I guess it's one way to get your name in a book. A group of 149 daredevils tied to ropes jumped from a 98-foot bridge in Brazil to establish a world record for "rope jumping." The bridge-jumping event in Hortolandia involved 149 people tied to ropes, and many holding hands, jumping from the bridge and swinging from their nylon ropes underneath the structure. Organizers said it took four months to prepare for the event, as rope jumping requires the assembly of complicated pulleys and bolts. The feat, which has been submitted to Guinness World Records for official recognition, bested an unofficial record set in Tver, Russia, in July 2012.


*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Re the comment on the woman posing as a lawyer. I agree with the comment that the man had rehabilitated himself, but the reason he wasn't allowed to practice law was because of his felony, not because of where he was educated. A felony will cause of disbarment, and no one having a felony can become a lawyer. You would think he would have learned that in his studies!

I think there is a problem with the semantics in the article about the woman in Waco (or is that Wacko), Texas who was stuck in the toilet. Was she stuck in the toilet, or was she stuck in the restroom? I suspect the latter. Maybe she intended to spend the weekend in the library, and they locked the doors. But stuck in the toilet? In the actual toilet? How????

Wow, I feel lucky after reading 'bout that lady who was in that toilet for 2 days! I myself was lock'd in the bathroom inside an Italian restaurant (as in, one in Italy proper) for a mere 45 minutes when I was 17!) Blessings, Lily
[Sounds like you were a fun (if not terribly smart) 17 year old.]

Lewis, can you translate this comment into English, please? "Hopefully if she wasn't home her Gun would be in her purse see that she lives where people are dumb enough to break into her house. Please get off the anti gun kick for many reasons."
[This person is saying that he (or she) hopes that the woman who shot a home invader keeps her firearm in her purse when she is not at home, so a burglar wouldn't have a chance to steal it. Despite the fact that I have advocated for peoples' right to own firearms many times, a lot of readers still think I am anti-gun. I don't know why.]

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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