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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

It wouldn't be July 5th (or 6th) without a bizarre fireworks story. This one comes from Michigan where a man sadly died after celebrating a bit too carelessly with explosives. But this man didn't accidentally sit on an M-80 or look down the launch tube of a 3-inch mortar. No. He made his own cannon.

Neighbors said 46-year-old Anthony Herman made the cannon specifically to celebrate Independence Day. He had being fired all day before the explosion.

"I kept hearing the cannon go off," one neighbor told the local news station. "'Fire in the hole!' to alert everybody because it shakes the windows, and I'm about five houses down."

"They were just blowing the cannon off all through the day," added another neighbor, "and I don't know if he packed it too full or something."

The explosion, which happened in front of several bystanders, sent shrapnel flying more than 150 yards toward neighboring homes, according to the report. A piece of metal struck Herman in the chest.

"When you make homemade things like that, it's an accident waiting to happen," a neighbor said.

No other injuries were reported.


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*---------- At Least It Wasn't a Cannon ----------*

A 21-year-old Ohio man is recovering after a bullet from celebratory gunfire grazed his skull and came dangerously close to his brain. Amanda McGarran says she and her boyfriend Mario Jovanovski were in Whitehall, OH for the city's 4th of July fireworks when suddenly it was chaos. Amanda says a swarm of people who were gathered there just scattered. "Like a few hundred. They were just running like down the middle of the park," she said. But just as things calmed down, she says the fireworks started up and masked the sound of a single gunshot fired in the air by someone in the crowd. When the bullet came down it grazed the side of Mario's head. "Right when the fireworks started he grabbed his head and was like 'I've just been shot.'" she said. Although he is expected to fully recover, his family says they will never attend fireworks in Whitehall again. No arrests have been made in the incident.


*-------- The Itchiest Dress In The World --------*

An English woman who became famous (more or less) for making an entire dress out of 3,000 Skittles has just figured out how to roll that fame into something much more disgusting. The 28-year-old Sarah Louise Bryan has just finished a skirt and bra outfit made entirely from human hair. Not her own, which would be gross enough, no, she had to go to social media to ask people to donate their hair. Why? Because the hair she wanted to use was pubic hair. And thanks to the completely shameless nature of the Internet she got more than enough to finish her project. Sarah said she received thousands of responses. Wearing gloves for protection, Sarah was forced to wear a face and eye mask after she started gagging while working on the dress. But the mother-of-two has no plans so slow down in her creations, and wants to go on and design even more disgusting outfits. "I love creating wearable art from things no-one else would think of. I pride myself in being the first in the world to create something so unique. You can find pictures of her wearing the dress online, if you feel like you can stomach it.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Dear BN Lewis, YOU publish an article about several non-DOD agencies purchasing lots and lots and lots of ammo--and a reader writes in that I need to get a better source? (to feed my paranoia?) Who does he think the ammo is for? An invasion from outside our borders? I am a retired federal civilian worker. The stories I could tell about our how our government works...don't get me started. -LisaJ
[If you have any good, bizarre stories please write 'em up for me! I promise to keep you anonymous.]

LEWIS; In our early years of elementary school we began the school day reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance followed by singing My Country Tis Of Thee, a much easier song for young children to learn than The Star Spangled Banner. We later learned that America was sung to the tune of God Save The Queen (British Nat'l Anthem) and today we're told that our Nat'l Anthem is an old British drinking song with new lyrics added. FGS couldn't our founding fathers come up with their own tunes? --R.S.
[They were politicians and statesmen, not songwriters.]

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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