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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A trained owl that was supposed to deliver the rings at a Canadian wedding instead took an ill-fated flight for freedom that ended with a crash.

A video shows an owl named Max take off from its trainer's arm when it is summoned to perform its duties by a man saying, "Max, come here!"

Max appears initially to head toward the couple, but makes a turn and flies toward the back of the church.

The owl seems to be making a break for freedom, or at least some fresh air, but he ends up with neither when he crashes into the glass window and falls to the ground.

The video's caption says the owl was hired to deliver the rings because the bride was "a big fan of owls."

"The owl is OK," the post says.


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ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Residents of an Alaska neighborhood said their privacy is being violated by an unusually high-tech peeping Tom using a camera drone. Neighbors in the Prominence Pointe area of Anchorage said the drone has been seen flying close to homes and appeared to use its camera to look into windows. Melissa Bolland said her children alerted her to the drone flying around their home. "My children noticed it first. It kind of came down, hovered around like above the trampoline over there, went around the house kind of really low, hanging to the windows, and then went straight up to the tree and then off again," Bolland said. Neighbor Bri Tollefsen said she tried chasing the drone in her car to find its owner, but she lost track of it. "My gut feeling is it's here casing homes and trying to find out who's there or not," Tollefsen said. "The moment you feel like your privacy is taken away in your own home, it's not a good feeling." Police confirmed they responded to at least one call about a window-peeping drone, but the device was not located and no report was filed. The Federal Aviation Administration bars the use of personal drones over private property without permission and the law requires owners to be within line-of-sight of their aircraft at all times.


*---- A Very Difficult Way to Commit Suicide ----*

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - A man from Florida has constructed a bubble-like vessel that he plans to use to travel to along the Bermuda triangle. Reza Baluchi has set out to travel from Pompano Beach to Bermuda, Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Rico in a man-propelled bubble he calls a hydro-pod. The bubble has 36 buoyancy balls on each side and Baluchi will be equipped with a life vest containing a water filter, a GPS tracking device, and shark repellent. Baluchi attempted the trip once before in October 2014, but his voyage was cut short when Coast Guard officials rescued him after his GPS fell into the ocean 70 miles off of St. Augustine. "They burst my bubble, and now I put signs up that say 'Please don't burst my bubble,'" he said. Baluchi is an endurance athlete and has also attempted other feats including surviving six weeks in Death valley and running around the perimeter of the United States. He also said he began jumping rope in a sauna and running 20 miles a day to prepare for the trip. Baluchi said that he uses his stunts to raise money for children in need and plans to run through every country in the world to gather funds for that cause. "I try to do the best thing from my heart. Giving help to children," he said. He began his journey by casting off from Pompano Beach on Wednesday afternoon and requested that Coast Guard officials leave him alone this time around.


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Regarding the woman stuck in the toilet, there was a segment on the tv showw, Untold Stories of the ER where the husband left the toilet seat up and his wife didn't notice it. So yes, she was stuck in the toilet. The paramedics had totake her to the ER with the toilet in order to free her without causing injury to her. The doctor called a maintenance man to help free her.
[At least she didn't have to go to the ER to have a light bulb removed from her rectum, or something similarly stupid.]

However if the man who educated himself as a lawyer while in prison and passed the bar exam on 1st try after his release can't have a lawyer license due to his felony record he can still work as a paralegal and if he does eventually earn a pardon wiping out his felony record he could then be licensed to practice law. -R.S.
[Yeah. That's likely.]

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